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full-service brothel that operates as a bathhouse where visitors are bathed by prostitutes.

The service provided is technically assisted bathing with no sexual services, though the sex is guaranteed with every visit.

Soapland areas in Japan

Osaka’s 5 Brothel Districts

full-service brothel where prostitutes openly advertise themselves at street level like De Wallen of Amsterdam.

There are 5 brothel districts in the Kansai Region.


A wide range of erotic services short of full service where one can fulfill their sexual desires.

Variations in name dictate how you order the service and where you engage in the service.

Delivery Health

Hotel Health

Fashion Health

Visual concept, type of providers, fetish or specific erotic services offered may be sub-categorized by

Image Club

Theme-orientated shops where providers are advertised with a certain look through the use of costume play.

Mat Health

An inflatable bed found in Soaplands is used as part of the service in an incall setting.


Masturbation-only service where you pleasure yourself in front of a provider.

New Half

Providers are all Transgender.


SM/BDSM centric services.


Within the estute there are two sub-genres

Mens Estute

Massage service with no sexual elements

Pink Salon

Raw blowjob-only service in an open-room environment.

Peep Show

Peep show viewed through one-way mirror in the privacy of your own booth.

Happening Bar

A membership-based club where patrons are open to having sex with each other.

Girls Bar

Hostess Club

Female hostesses will entertain you over drinks in an intimate setting, usually beside you.


The same service as hostess clubs in a casual setting where hostesses are free to dress and look however they like.


The upper echelons of the hostess industry for the affluent. Known to be frequented by government officials in Ginza, Tokyo.

Strip Theater

Japan’s take on a western-style strip club where dancers entertain patrons through highly choreographed striptease routines to full nudity.

Show Club


Deai Cafe


Kousai Club

Escort Agency

Independent Escorts & Streetwalkers

Asian Massage Parlor ( Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc)

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