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What kind of sex services are available?

Check out about page for detailed explanations about the different types of adult genres in Japan. Most are only accessible to punters with Japanese fluency with the exception of Escorts and Soaplands.

I don’t speak any Japanese, will that be an issue?

There are a handful of foreigner-orientated adult services in Japan, concentrated around the cities of Tokyo & Osaka. They offer their services in English, with no Japanese required.

Are online reviews real?

Use your own judgement whenever reading a review about a shop or provider, good or bad. A review written by one person won’t translate into your own experience.

Is prostitution legal in Japan?

Due to loopholes and liberal interpretations of the law, the sex industry in Japan has prospered to become one of the biggest in the world.

The law only prohibits the “monetization” of sex in the form of a financial transaction for vaginal penetration. Thus, the reason why you don’t see it advertised or offered by any reputable business.

Where can I get full-service in Japan?

Brothels exist in the form of “Soaplands” across Japan, with Osaka having its own variation in the form of “Restaurants” scattered across their 5 brothel districts. This is the only guaranteed outlet that includes this service in the price without tipping.

Do escorts in Japan take tips for full-service?

There is no guarantee with any call girl about her services beyond what’s guaranteed by the agency. Any arrangements made outside scope of the services advertised is between you and the provider, only.

Does this site have paid advertising?

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