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Essential Guide to Deai Cafes with 3 Different Types

Deai Cafe
Published June 3, 2024
Last Updated July 8, 2024

💡What is a Deai Cafe? 

Deai Cafes are venues designed for men and women to meet and interact. It offers a room where men can negotiate with everyday women that are looking for extra pocket money. If both parties agree, the man pays an exit fee to the Deai Cafe allowing them to leave together.  

What happens next is based on mutual consent, with the idea of free love as the underlying premise. However, in practice, it often involves compensated dating and trips to hotels. 

Entry is limited to those 18 and older. Officially, these cafes are places for love encounters, staying within legal boundaries and not violating anti-prostitution laws.  

The business model is supported by membership fees, entrances fees, and exit fees all paid by male patrons.  

🙆‍♂️What Are the Services Offered at Deai Cafes? 

Deai Cafes provide a venue where you can meet women, chat, and decide whether to go to a love hotel together. These cafes facilitate compensated dating; meeting a partner of your choice under mutually agreed terms.  

Features of Dating Cafes: 

  • Men are required to pay membership fees, entrance fees, and exit fees 
  • Women can participate for free, typically expecting financial support from men 
  • These cafes serve as venues for negotiating compensated dating 

What is Compensated Dating?

Similar to sugar dating in the west, the act of compensated dating is the practice of men giving financial support to women for sexual favors in return.

💴How Much Do Deai Cafes Cost? 

At any Deai Cafe you will have to pay an entrance fee with other charges varying by venue. 

Membership Fee – Onetime fee paid to the venue to become a lifetime (or fixed) member 

Entrance Fee – Fee paid to the venue every time you enter 

Talk Fee* – Fee paid to the venue for every girl you talk to 

Exit Fee – Fee paid to the venue when both parties mutually agree to leave together 

Compensated Dating – Paid directly to the girl when both parties come to a consensus, ranging from having drinks to trips to a love hotel. 

*Typically free, but varies by venue 

Cost Breakdown Charge 
Membership Fee ¥2,000 to ¥11,000 
Entrance Fee ¥2,000 to ¥6,000 
Talk Fee ¥0 to ¥1,000 
Exit Fee ¥0 to ¥6,000 
Compensated Dating ¥10,000 – ¥30,000 

If you do not find a match, members do not have to pay the exit fee. 

The total amount male patrons pay for taking a girl out from a Deai Cafe and engage in compensated dating can easily exceed ¥30,000 Yen.  

What are the Differences in Deai Cafes? 

The main differences between Deai Cafes are dictated by the type, thus the way you meet with the girls can vary considerably. 


Girls fill out a short questionnaire with their name and answers to various questions. This questionnaire is posted onto a wall where male patrons can look over and decide if they want to meet. 

Pros Cons 
Freedom to Choose STDs 
Girl Next Door Encounters No Pre-Inspection 
No Price Discrimination Amateur Service 

Magic Mirror 

The most common version of a Deai Cafe. Girls sit in a waiting room, separated from male patrons only by a one-way mirror. Men can see the women, but the girls cannot see them.  

Pros Cons 
Inspecting Goods Before Purchase Higher Price Point 
Concealing identity No Quality Control 
Various Types of Girls Competing With Other Patrons 

Reverse Nan 

A Deai Cafe where women choose who they want to talk to, as opposed to the men. Depending on the venue, girls can select the guys through a one-way mirror or looking over a questionnaire the men have filled out. 

Pros Cons 
Motivated Girls Privacy Issues 
Girls Come to You Longer Wait Times 
Jackpot Encounters Possible  

What Kind of Girls Can I Meet at Deai Cafes? 

Most of the girls who visit a Deai Cafe are there to earn money through compensated dating. The minority consist of women who are looking to pass time, runaways, or those seeking poverty seeking refuge. Because of the girls’ individual circumstances and the underlying premise of Deai Cafes, these women are offering their time and bodies in exchange for money, with a strictly transactional approach. 

Girls you can meet at a Deai Cafe also include those working in the commercial sex scene. This is ignited by their hunger for extra pocket money, making rounds between their normal shifts.   

Men who prefer a more proactive approach to seducing girls might find platforms like dating websites, Tinder, or bars more suited to their goals than Deai Cafes. 

What to Expect When Visiting Deai Cafes? 


Have your phone number and name ready, as these two pieces of information are required to become a member at a Deai Cafe. The front staff will then call your phone to confirm the number. After that, your number is no longer needed, and you will be handed an official membership card after paying the allotted fees.  

The membership fee is a one-time payment. You must pay the entrance fee every time you decide to use the same venue.

Waiting Room 

After paying the entrance fee, you will be shown to the waiting room. Depending on the type of Deai Cafe you enter, you can start selecting the girls you want to talk to. 

Magic Mirror 

The unique feature of the Magic Mirror room is the waiting room between men and women is separated by a one-way see through mirror. 

From the male waiting room, men can observe the appearance and gestures of the female members. If interested, a man can pass a profile sheet with the woman’s number to the staff, and they will move to a private room for conversation. If both parties agree on the conditions, they can leave together. 

Private Room 

When you find a girl you fancy, you will tell the staff and head into a private room. The staff will then call the girl and you can begin negotiating terms for meeting outside. 

Compensated Dating 

If both parties agree, you will pay the exit fee to the house and exit the facility together. All compensated dating fees will then be paid to the girl directly.  

👣Visiting a Deai Cafe for the First Time 


When going to a Deai Cafe for the first time, you must first decide the following. 

  • What am I looking for? 
  • Do I understand the premise? 

Choosing a Type of Deai Cafe 

Once you know what you are trying to get out of a Deai Cafe, it’s time to choose what type you want to go to. Here are some things to think about to help you decide. 

  • Do I want to pick the girl, or do I want the girl to pick me? 
  • What if someone I know sees me? 
  • What if I don’t get chosen? 


When going out on a date from a Deai Cafe, things may not always turn out as planned. Girls may want to add food/drinks, change locations, or do something else. All of this will be put on your tab so keep the following in mind.

  • Set goals for your visit
  • Confirm the purpose 
  • Don’t go above your budget 

🔎What Are the Best Deai Cafes in Japan? 

Kirari – Link

A Deai Cafe chain with a large amount of shops all throughout the Kanto region.

Momo CafeLink

One of the bigger and well known Deai Cafes, popularizing the Magic Mirror.

Angel Heart – Link

The cheapest Deai Cafe in the Kansai region.


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