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Official Peep Show Guide for Voyeurism in Japan 2024

Peep Show
Published July 2, 2024
Last Updated July 8, 2024

A Peep Show is a place where you can watch performances by girls through a one-way mirror. From the men’s side, you can clearly see the girls, but in many places, the performers cannot clearly see the customers.

These Peep Shows can also be called Nozoki Beya or Kengaku Club, but are all essentially the same thing.

💡What is a Peep Show?  

Peep Shows offer a unique experience where patrons can observe erotic girls through one-way mirrors, distinguishing them significantly from conventional sex shops. Unlike in Soaplands where interaction and physical contact with sex workers are common, Peep Shows strictly prohibit both conversation and touching. 

What makes Peep Shows so appealing is its distinct features that cater to a specific clientele. While some may question the appeal of merely watching, there are several unique advantages. 


One of the standout features of Peep Shows is their affordability. While a visit to a Soapland can easily cost upwards of 60,000 Yen, patrons can enjoy themselves at a Peep Show for approximately 5,000 Yen. This makes Peep Shows an accessible option for those seeking to fulfill their desires without breaking the bank. 

Cute Girls 

Peep Shows are known for featuring a plethora of cute girls. The relatively lower entry barrier for employment compared to traditional sex shops allows for a diverse and attractive lineup. With strict rules against physical interaction, the girls can perform with peace of mind, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all parties involved.  

Short Sessions 

Another advantage of Peep Shows is their suitability for short-duration visits. Sessions typically last around 30 minutes to an hour, making them perfect for patrons seeking a quick and fulfilling experience.  

In short, Peep Shows offer a distinct alternative to traditional adult entertainment venues. Their focus on voyeurism, combined with affordability, a diverse talent pool, and efficient service, makes Peep Shows a compelling option for those curious about Japan’s niche sex industry. 

Picture of girls in a waiting room / Credit: Abema

🙆‍♂️What Are the Services Offered at Peep Shows?  

Basic Services at Peep Shows

The bare bones of any Peep Show is the luxury to be able to go into a private booth, and enjoy viewing girls through a one-way mirror. They’ll dance for you like at a club, while at other shops, you can request certain things. For example, talking dirty in front of the mirror, fondling herself, or making blowjob facial expressions.

Because the show is meant to turn on male patrons, there will always be a box of tissue on standby for those who reach the point of no return.

  • Poses
    • Standing Front
    • Standing Back
    • Sitting Front
    • Sitting Back
  • Facial Expressions
    • Happy
    • Sad
    • Horny
    • Simulated Blowjob

Optional Services at Peep Shows

Options can vary significantly depending on the venue. It is important to understand the rules and what is available. Here is a list of options at Peep Shows. 

  • Cosplay 
    • Nurse
    • School Uniform
    • Swimsuit
    • Bikini
    • Chinese Dress
  • Take Home Underwear 
  • Sausage (Girl will simulate a blowjob with a sausage) 
  • Chupa Chups (Girl will lick a lollipop) 
  • Denma
  • Vibrator
  • Milk (Girl will pour milk on herself) 
  • VIP Room 

💴How Much Do Peep Shows Cost?  

The cost of using a Peep Show is determined by the amount of time, and time of day. There are no tiered pricing systems like you may find at Delivery Health, i.e., platinum and diamond class.  

Some Peep Shows charge a membership fee. 

Minutes Weekday Price Weekend Price 
40 Minutes ¥5,000 ¥5,500 
60 Minutes ¥6,500 ¥7,000 
80 Minutes ¥8,500 ¥9,000 
100 Minutes ¥10,000 ¥10,500 
Girl giving a performance at a Kengaku Club / Credit: Abema

What are the Differences in Peep Shows?  

All Peep Shows offer entertainment through a one-way mirror, but slight differences exist between shops. The following types of Peep Shows may differ, but the term used between them are often used interchangeably. 

Kengaku Club 

Kengaku Clubs offer a one-way mirror where you can see all the girls together in a waiting room. The girls will be going about their daily lives; checking their socials, doing homework, or chatting amongst each other. It is similar to a Deai Cafe, where you can go window shopping before making a selection.  

These Kengaku Clubs often come with a whiteboard or a piece of paper for patrons to fill out. This allows customers to enjoy a customizable experience by making requests and handing it off to the girls.

Girls working at Kengaku Clubs are typically younger.

Nozoki Beya

Nozoki Beya also offers a one-way mirror but is more similar to a Strip Club. Instead of seeing all the girls at once in their natural habitat, a single performer will come on “stage” to entertain its guests. This is more suitable for patrons expecting something more choreographed, rather than having to groom the girls to get what they want.

Because the flow is like a strip club, there are less options and opportunities to customize your experience at Nozoki Beyas. Despite less options, Hand Jobs and Blow Jobs are on the menu at an additional price, where they are typically not offered at Kengaku Clubs.

What Kind of Girls Can I Meet at Peep Shows?  

With the barrier to entry low, you can meet girls from a wide spectrum.  

Barely legal girls are a big segment, as they are not obligated to make physical contact with its customers. This means you can meet some of Japan’s most sought after girls, who come with a certain level of “purity.” 

MILFs are another big segment, often visiting these joints to supplement their household income. While they are prevalent at night, these cougars also appear during the day, as living as a housewife all day can become monotonous.  

Because Peep Shows are relatively conservative, expectations for extra services that aren’t written on the menu should not be a goal. Girls come into this environment knowing that they are not mentally ready to engage in more explicit services, and if they were, would be selling their bodies elsewhere.

What to Expect When Visiting Peep Shows?  


Store your belongings in a locker. 

To prevent unauthorized recordings, items such as smartphones and cameras are prohibited. Some locations employ metal detectors for thorough checks of electronic devices, so avoid attempting to bring in hidden cameras. 

Touching and Talking 

Physical contact is strictly prohibited because their purpose is solely for peeking. 

If you want to communicate with the girls, you will have to use a provided whiteboard / piece of paper. 


Masturbating is part of Peep Shows, so there will always be a box of tissue to wipe up. 

If things get messy, many venues are often prepared with wet wipes on standby. 


The “rooms” are only big enough to fit one person. Expect only enough room to be in a seated or standing position.  


At various Kengaku Club’s, requesting to see the girls private parts’ can be strictly prohibited. Familiarize yourself with the rules at each Peep Show.

At Nozoki Beya’s, girls undress similar to at a strip club. There is less opportunity to request options, but nudity is a basic service.

👣Visiting a Peep Show for the First Time  

Choose a Type 

There are generally two types, Kengaku Club or Nozoki Beya. Ask yourself: 

  • Do I want to enjoy a strip show? 
  • Do I like voyeurism? 
  • Do I want more control of what I want the girl to do? 
  • Do I want a larger selection of girls? 

Choose a Course 

Determine how much time you need 

  • Will one girl satisfy me? 
  • Do I want to spy on multiple girls? 
  • Do I need breaks in between performances? 

Enjoy the Performance 

Most clubs supply tissues, trash bins, and wet wipes. Enjoy the erotic performance of the girl in front of you and have a fantastic time! 

If you choose additional options, you can enjoy more than just edging. 

Customize Your Experience

  • Considering ordering Cosplay
  • Request for the girl to do something abnormal
  • Do they have VIP room?

🔎What Are the Best Peep Shows in Japan?  



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