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Essential Guide to Pink Salons with 3 Useful Tips

Pink Salon
Published June 7, 2024
Last Updated July 10, 2024

💡What is a Pink Salon?  

A “Pink Salon” (pinsaro) is a type of brick-and-mortar adult entertainment service in Japan. Unlike Delivery Health services, you cannot call for services to your home or hotel. Instead, the services all take place within the venue, with the main attraction being blowjobs. 

Entering a Pink Salon can give off a mysterious or sketchy vibe, which can be intimidating for newcomers. However, with sufficient prior knowledge, you can enter with confidence. 

Current establishments continue to evolve, influenced by recent amendments to the Adult Entertainment Law, so experiences from a few years ago may no longer be relevant.  

🙆‍♂️What Are the Services Offered at Pink Salons?  

As a fundamental principle, Pink Salons are a type of adult entertainment specifically designed to lead male customers to ejaculation. 

The term “salon” and the offering of drinks might occasionally give some people the impression that it is like a Hostess Club or Girl’s Bar, but in essence, Pink Salons are more rigorous and focused than any other form of adult entertainment. 

All services are designed to lead many male customers to ejaculation in a short time. If we compare, other adult entertainment venues might be like a leisurely restaurant where you enjoy your meal, whereas a Pink Salon is like systematized fast-food establishment, where people get in, line up, get their food, and get out.  

Basic Services 

  • Blow Job 
  • Cum in Mouth 
  • Hand Job 

Optional Services 

  • Kissing* 
  • Stripping* 
  • Touching* 
  • Sumata* 
  • Fingering* 
  • Drinks* 

*These optional services can vary as a basic service, or not offered at all, depending on venue 

💴How Much Do Pink Salons Cost?  

Pink Salons are one of the cheapest options among Japan’s commercial sex scene. The price breakdown is dependent on the time of day. During the daytime, prices can be as low as 3,000 Yen, rarely exceeding 10,000 for a single visit.  

Basic Service 

Time Price for 30 Minutes 
9:00 AM– 6:00 PM ¥3,000 – ¥6,000 
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM ¥6,000 – ¥7,500 
9:00 PM – Last ¥8,000 – ¥10,000 
Time Price for 60 Minutes 
9:00 AM– 6:00 PM ¥7,000 – ¥10,000 
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM ¥8,000 – ¥14,000 
9:00 PM – Last ¥9,000 – ¥16,000 

Other Fees 

Type Price  
Extension Fee (15 Mins) ¥40,000 
Nomination Fee ¥2,000  
Drinks ¥1,000 


Pink Salons are notoriously known for being one of the most foreigner unfriendly genres in Japan due to language barriers, cultural differences, and misunderstandings for what is on the menu. For Pink Salons that accept people from overseas, they typically do not charge an extra foreigner tax. 

What are the Differences in Pink Salons?  


A standard Pink Salon will have you either pick a girl for an additional fee or choose for you. Once in the playroom, there are generally three types of setups. 


Customers are separated by nothing more than a cardboard-thin wall that doesn’t extend to the ceiling. Very little privacy is accomplished in these setups, as you can easily see and hear other patrons getting serviced. 


Couch setups are usually in an open space where there is virtually no privacy, often sharing couches with other couples. There are variations, with couches separated by curtains, partitions, or thin walls.  

Private Room 

As the name suggests, these setups are private rooms that can be as big as Fashion Health rooms. Because of the design of these setups, providers have often gotten raunchy which has led to police intervention and crackdowns. 

Hanabira Kaiten 

“Hanabira Kaiten” is a special service offered at many Pink Salons. This service usually involves a rotation of three girls. After the customer ejaculates once, the next girl comes in, leading to a cycle of re-arousal and ejaculation that repeats three times. 

The cost is for a single session, making it an extremely cost-effective service for those seeking multiple interactions. 

Note that the time limit does not extend. For example, if the session is 30 minutes with three rotations, the customer must repeatedly achieve arousal and ejaculation every 10 minutes, which demands significant stamina. 

What Kind of Girls Can I Meet at Pink Salons?  

Pink Salons offer the most skilled and dedicated cock suckers in Japan’s adult entertainment industry. These girls excel in delivering top-notch blowjobs, ensuring that every customer has their tank drained and leaving satisfied every time. Their tongue, lips, and mouth are unmatched, making the experience both enjoyable and memorable. 

One of the key reasons these girls choose to work at Pink Salons is the security provided by brick-and-mortar establishments. Unlike Delivery Healths where the man and woman meet privately, Pink Salons have staff on the premise, offering a safe environment for the girls. This system allows them to focus on their tasks without dealing with customers that may force them into unwanted scenarios.  

Working at Pink Salons also means that women do not have to give up their virginity, thinking that they can maintain a certain level of chastity. Customers seeking an experience that goes beyond the mouth and hands may find alternatives more suitable.  

What to Expect When Visiting Pink Salons?  

Unique In-House System 

Legally, Pink Salons are not classified as adult entertainment venues but operate under the food and beverage category, more closely related to hostess clubs. Consequently, they have many unique rules to navigate this legal gray area. 

The interior typically doesn’t consist of private rooms but rather a large room with couches. There might be simple curtains or partitions to avoid direct eye contact with other customers but sounds and voices are fully audible. 

To mitigate noise leakage, many establishments play upbeat music at a high volume, which can make it hard to hear the staff’s instructions. This further emphasizes the importance of preparing beforehand. 

Payment and Service Structure 

Most Pink Salons operate on payment system with usage times set for around 30 to 45 minutes. 

If you decide to request a specific girl, you will be charged an additional fee. If you don’t make a specific request, you will be considered a “free” customer, and the establishment will select a girl for you at their discretion. The policy on how they assign girls to free customers varies, so it’s wise to do some research in advance. 


In places where touching below the waist is allowed, your nails might be checked upon entry. Given the current emphasis on hygiene, it’s also advisable to ensure your nails are trimmed and clean beforehand. 

Since there are no showers at Pink Salons, your groin area will be wiped with a towel or wet tissue, but to avoid any discomfort for the girl, rinsing off beforehand is recommended. 

👣Visiting a Pink Salon for the First Time  

Choose a Pink Salon 

Do careful research when selecting a Pink Salon. Only a handful of them throughout Japan are foreigner friendly. Here are some things to keep in mind. 

  • Is it an affordable or overpriced Pink Salon? 
  • What is the level of privacy? 
  • Do they offer Hanabira Kaiten? 

Choose a Girl 

Unlike Soaplands and Delivery Health, Pink Salon girls do not post a lot of selfies. This can make it difficult when selecting a companion. Therefore, it is more feasible to head over to the shop and choose from the pictures they have prepared.  

If you decide not to choose a girl, you can leave it on the house.  

Waiting Room 

Pink Salons are the restaurant equivalent to fast food chains. After making your order, you will be guided to a waiting room. Clients will be moving in and out from the waiting room and into the playroom. 


When called, you will be guided to a playroom. The girl will then clean your genitals with the only means they have: a wet towel. After the sanitation, the magic begins. If you opted for Hanabira Kaiten, multiple girls will service you in succession – prepare accordingly. 

Useful Tips 

Drinks are always provided, but whether they are free or paid depends on the establishment, so listen carefully to the staff’s explanation. 

Be aware that the time limit continues to decrease during drinks and conversation with the girl, so lengthy conversations are not recommended. 

The rules on touching vary not only by establishment but also by individual girl. It’s important to take note of the rules and avoid pushing any boundaries. 

🔎What Are the Best Pink Salons in Japan?  

Tokyo Pink Salons (Kanto Area) 

  • Jan Jan – Link 
  • Academy – Link 
  • Golden King – Link 
  • Rei – Link (Japanese required) 

Osaka Pink Salons (Kansai Area) 

  • Gogo! Group – Link (Japanese required) 
  • Neko Benten – Link 
  • Gakkouzaka Kyobashi – Link (Japanese required) 

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