Explore Japan's Commercial Sex Industry

Jan Jan: Tokyo’s Most Popular Pink Salon for Foreigners in 2024

A Pink Salon where foreigners keep coming back for more

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Official Yoshiwara Soapland Guide to Tokyo Brothels 2024

Everything you need to know before visiting Japan’s largest pleasure quarters Yoshiwara in Tokyo.

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Foreigners Flocking to Japan’s Red-Light District in Waves

It’s a frenzy in Japan’s Red-Light District, as more and more Soaplands go foreigner friendly!

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Ebisu Mamatomo: Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers Exposed

A place to meet lactating mothers and pregnant women

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Official Tobita Shinchi Guide to Osaka Brothels 2024

Osaka’s largest full-service brothel district “Tobita Shinchi”. Western Japan’s largest pleasure quarters in Nishinari-ku

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Official Peep Show Guide for Voyeurism in Japan 2024

Everything you need to know about Peep Shows for the Peeping Tom

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