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Jan Jan: Tokyo’s Most Popular Pink Salon for Foreigners in 2024

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Published July 11, 2024
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Jan Jan is a long standing Pink Salon in Sugamo, Tokyo. Thanks to the costs being easy on the wallet, Jan Jan has become extremely popular over the years. People from overseas can expect getting in to this suck shop without any hassle as they are foreigner friendly.

Despite the place being a hit-or-miss, at the price point, customers find themselves going back for more. Some of the girls can be significantly older, but with age comes a ton of experience.

Jan Jan Overview

💡 Where is Jan Jan?

If you’re wondering how to get to Jan Jan, it is easy as it is only a one minute walk from JR’s Sugamo Station. Simply take the south exit, and you’ll see a little island. Walk past it, and head into the alley. Sugamo will be to your right on the basement’s first floor.

💴 How much does Jan Jan cost?

The pricing at Jan Jan is straightforward.

  • ¥3,000 for 30 minutes with no nomination
  • ¥6,000 for 30 minutes with a nomination

Drinks and entry fee is free of charge.


  • Credit cards not accepted
  • Foreigners pay ¥4,000

✍ Jan Jan Review

👣 Shop Experience at Jan Jan

On a weekday afternoon, I decided to head over to Jan Jan. As it is both easy access and offer 30 minute sessions, it would make it easy for me to get my sexual desires fulfilled during a workday without the fear of getting caught. After getting off Sugamo Station, I head straight to the shop without any onlookers peeking at me or annoying touts pestering me on the street.

I head down the stairs, opened the door, and gave a little “konnichwa.” The male staff then got up out of his chair, quoted me the price, and I paid the fees. With that being settled, without anymore words coming out from either of us, the man head into the next room. I took this as my cue that he was ushering to my seat. He then threw his hand out, gesturing me that I would be in the front seat, as I made my way past 2-3 other customers leaning their heads back, moaning in pleasure.

Jan Jan is a couch type Pink Salon, meaning I would be serviced on a cheap couch, with partitions doing little to block the view of any wandering eyes. Once seated, I waited for a good 5 minutes or so before I was finally greeted by my companion.

👄 Blowjob at Jan Jan

The person standing in front of me was Sayaka. She easily looked to be over 40 years old, possibly 50+. Once she appeared, she immediately asked me to get naked, as she stripped herself down. Underneath her clothes was a fair toned, and commendably shaped body given her age. Rubbing my hands through her torso didn’t have any hints of wrinkles or crevices that would ruin the moment – a porcelain feel to my surprise.

With my pants completely off, Sayaka grabbed some wet wipes and lightly cleaned my wiener. There was no going slow into the play, as Sayaka immediately swallowed my cock whole. She bobbed up and down, never letting her lips let go of my shaft. The technique itself was good, and with a little of her hand rubbing, I felt my cock pulsating.

When I told her I was about to cum, Sayaka slowed down the pace in order to not let a single drop of my semen hit the floor. I then grabbed her by the back of the head, and had her keep the deep throat position as I still had a little bit of dribbles left over.

Now that my tank was emptied, Sayaka got a hefty amount of wet wipes for me to wipe off my soaked cock and balls. “Wait a minute,” she said, as she left my vision to fetch a hand wipe. The remainder of the session ended with Sayaka telling me how cool I was, before finally escorting me back to the entrance.

📌 Jan Jan Information

🏢 Address

B1, 1-12-3 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tokyo

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

12 – 11PM

🌐 Official Website


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