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Madonna: MILFs Stripping During the Day

Peep Show
Published June 17, 2024
Last Updated July 9, 2024

Madonna is a Peep Show that is situated in the heart of Shinjuku. Right across from Toho Cinema, this place is like a strip club where customers go into individual booths and can enjoy a female entertainer taking it off. Unlike traditional strip clubs though, Peep Shows come with a caveat.

🧼Madonna in Shinjuku, a Peep Show

💡 About Madonna

Once inside one of Madonna’s private rooms, you can view the girls through a one-way see through mirror. This allows clients to see the performers without having to show themselves. The added privacy allows gentlemen to touch themselves downstairs, which highlights what makes a Peep Show.

New Hot Point, one of the more popular Peep Shows, especially among foreigners, was shut down. With its closure, Madonna is now the prime location to enjoy this kind of adult entertainment in Shinjuku.

💴 Pricing at Madonna

Student Discount¥1,500
*Does not include tax

Services at Madonna

While sitting in an enclosed room, gentlemen can view live women stripping. Masturbating is the basic service, so there’s no need to feel ashamed. Patrons that are looking for something extra, Madonna provides:

  • ¥2,000 for a fresh take home panty, the exact one the performer is wearing.
  • ¥2,200 for a hand job from the performer, or girl of your choice.
  • ¥4,400 for a covered blowjob from the performer, or girl of your choice.

✍Madonna Review

👣 Visiting Madonna

Finding Madonna isn’t difficult at all, as it is in a prime location. Despite all the attractive ads from other venues, Madonna still sticks out with its eye-catching signboard and entrance.

Once inside, the place immediately feels aged, as the building has seen its fair share of wear and tear. At the bottom of the stairs I met the receptionist who was sporting a disheveled hair style. I then asked if I could get immediate service, was quoted the price of 2,200 Yen for 20 minutes, and paid the fees.

As per rules, the receptionist asked for any phones or cameras I may have had. When I handed them over, I was given a number which signified where my things were being held. After this, the man gave a call out that a new customer has arrived.

Immediately following the call out, a lady appeared out of the curtains and guided me to my room. The room was really just a small partition, barely any space to move, and definitely no space to stretch out my legs. To my left and right were paper thin walls. Behind me was a black curtain. And in front of me was a one way, see through mirror, with a box of tissue and trash can.

Seconds after sitting in my seat, the performance commenced, at the signal of the music.

👄 Experience at Madonna

The performer, Ryou, had a thin body, with her age appearing to be around her late twenties to thirties. Wearing nothing more than a bra, panties, and carrying a drape for aesthetic appeal, it was obvious that she had been working at Madonna for awhile.

Walking by each mirror one by one giving fan service to customers in their booths, she would eventually take off her bra. With her top removed, things got more interesting as she would smother her nipples onto my mirror. The attention I was getting made me question if it was really a one-way mirror, but looking across the room to see a mirror reflecting my mirror helped keep me at ease.

Sometime between all the entertainment, another lady audibly signaled that she would be coming into my booth from behind. With a laminated piece of paper in hand, she asked if I wanted to get extra service. On the paper wrote: hand job and covered blowjob, costing 2,200 Yen and 4,400 Yen respectively. She also signaled that in front of me was a small hole, just big enough to slip a 2,000 Yen banknote to receive her panties.

Deciding not to go for any other additional options, I got to Madonna’s show, where Ryou would take off her panties, get on the floor, and started spreading her legs for all the patrons to view. The music from the loud speaker then shifted to the sound of a Japanese girl moaning in excitement. The sound effects added to the appeal as I heard the man in the next room grinding it out as the sound of his stool was banging around like a pinball machine.

Eventually the moaning sound effects would reach a clear climax, which in turn, signaled the end of the 20 minute show. Over the speaker, the announcer told us our session had ended, and I made my way out of the venue in one piece.

📌Madonna Information

🏢 Address

Madonna, 1-18-7, Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

11 AM – Midnight

🌐 Official Website


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