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Shibuya Galaxy: Cute Girls Turned 18

Peep Show
Published June 24, 2024
Last Updated July 9, 2024

Shibuya Galaxy is a place where you can view girls through a one-way mirror. The theme and attraction of this spot is that the girls are typically in their teens or early twenties, usually dressed up in school uniforms. Once in the private room, customers can view the selection of girls doing everyday activities. This can be eating their lunch, playing with their smartphone or doing homework. When a man sees a girl he fancies, he can select the girl. She will then go up to the mirror and give a private show.

🧼 Shibuya Galaxy, a Peep Show

💡 About Shibuya Galaxy

In my previous review of Madonna, the shop brands itself in Japanese as “Nozoki Beya.” Shibuya Galaxy on the other hand, calls themselves a “Kengaku Club.” In Japanese, these two words may have slight nuances, but the concept is overall the same – a Peep Show.

Typically girls don’t show their private parts, but things can get really lewd if you go for any of Shibuya Galaxy’s additional options. What’s more is that this place is super foreigner friendly. While they do not have an English menu, some staff put an effort in speaking English and have a pretty open door policy.

💴 Shibuya Galaxy Price

SystemWeekday PriceWeekend Price
40 Mins¥5,000¥5,500
60 Mins¥6,500¥7,500
80 Mins¥8,500¥9,000
100 Mins¥10,000¥10,500
30 Mins Extension¥2,000¥2,000

5 Min Nomination – ¥1,500

10 Min Nomination – ¥2,000

VIP RoomPrice
40 Mins¥6,000
60 Mins¥8,000
80 Mins¥10,500
100 Mins¥12,500
60 Mins (Unlimited Nominations)¥11,000
120 Mins (Unlimited Nominations)¥20,000
Weekends incur ¥500 charge to each

Membership Fee – ¥1,000

Shibuya Galaxy Options

Not listed on their official site, but Shibuya Galaxy offers a wide range of options. This includes various cosplay, requesting specific poses, taking home the girls’ underwear and a boat load more.

✍ Shibuya Galaxy Review

👣 Visiting Shibuya Galaxy

Getting to Shibuya Galaxy is rather easy, as there are no winding streets or roads that will cause confusion. It is also on an off street, making it hard to miss. Once I entered Shibuya Galaxy, I took off my shoes and was greeted by two mid-aged female staff. I told them it was my first time, and they replied that they would go over the rules momentarily.

I then requested a 60 minute session and was quoted 6,500 Yen to be paid at the end of my stay. I was told that it was a special day because not only was Shibuya Galaxy doing a micro bikini event, but that the membership fee would be waived.

To the left, there were lockers where I was asked by another male staff to put any phones, cameras, and electronics into. I was then asked to step on a stool and the man took out a metal detector. To prevent me and other patrons from taking illegal photos and videos, he scanned and patted me down to make sure I didn’t have any stealth equipment.

When I was in the clear, the man took out an iPad and asked me to be sure to read over the rules. He then proceeded to tell me that as part of my 60 minute session, I was given two free 10-minute nominations. All nominations and options can be ordered over the iPad, which would be given to me to take into my booth. The most important thing he told me was that the staff will not tell me when my session ends, so I would have to keep track of the time. With no phone, I could check the time on the iPad. If I were to go over my time limit, an extension would be added automatically.

👄 Experience at Shibuya Galaxy

Entering the room of my choice, I peered through the one-way mirror and found three girls on standby. One eating snacks, while the two others were on their phones while conversing amongst each other. There were two other girls but I couldn’t get a clear view as they were in the middle of giving service to other customers.

For first timers like me, there is an option on the iPad for all the girls to “greet” you. Doing this not only gets you close and personal to view the goods, but also learn the girls’ names. When all the girls made their rounds to my mirror, it was clear who I would pick. On the provided iPad, I made my selection for Mirei.

Within a minute, Mirei made her way to my booth, closed the curtains behind her to get us privacy, and greeted herself in front of my mirror. On the wall, there was a small sheet of paper for me to fill out any requests. The check boxes consisted mainly of poses I wanted the girl to get in, such as front view or back view. It also included face expressions, such as smiling, pseudo blowjob, or talking to me behind the mirror. The last segment has free space for you to write anything as you please.

I then folded up the piece of paper and pushed it through the hole on the top left of the wall for Mirei to read. As per Shibuya Galaxy rules, making requests for full nudity is prohibited, but since they were doing a micro bikini event, Mirei’s gaping hole was in plain sight. Not to mention that their were wardrobe malfunctions happening every so often, where I would get a glimpse of her nipples.

In the end, as I didn’t go for any options, the performance was mainly a pseudo striptease. I also wonder just how one-way the mirror is, as Mirei would often see me waving at her and throwing hand gestures.

When my time came, I made sure to exit my booth before my allotted time, thanked the staff, and gathered my belongings as I made my way out.

Shibuya Galaxy members card I received at the end of my session.

📌Shibuya Galaxy Information

🏢 Address

2-chōme-17-1 Dōgenzaka, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0043, Japan

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

M-Th 3 PM – 10 PM

Fri 3 PM – 11 PM

Sat-Sun 1 PM – 9 PM

🌐 Official Website


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