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Mandarin Club Sapporo: Nipple Sucking Resort

Published June 19, 2024
Last Updated July 9, 2024

Mandarin Club Sapporo is an Asian resort themed Sekukyaba produced by Princess Group located in the Red-Light-District Susukino of Hokkaido.

The concept of the store, mimics Monsoon Sapporo’s. Inspired by “South East Asian” aesthetics in its interior, with wooden features, plastic Buddha statues, and fake tropical plants glowing under a warm hue that’ll make you feel like your in Bali, Indonesia.

As explained in my Hada Epu Sapporo review within the Sekukyaba genre there are varying levels of services offered per establishment from soft to hard.

Mandarin Club, like Monsoon Sapporo, both fall under the “Semi-Hard” category which allows groping above the waist with direct, skin to skin contact only allowed only during the intermittent intervals when the lights are dimmed.

Mandarin Club Sapporo Overview

💡 Where is Mandarin Club Sapporo?

Found in a separate complex to it’s sister stores Monsoon Sapporo & Stylish Club Flamingo. You can find Mandarin Club Sapporo within a 5 minutes walk from the Prince building in the Susukino Noguchi Building on the second floor.

💴 How much does Mandarin Club Sapporo cost?

Included in the admission fee is all you can drink that includes

  • Beer
  • Shochu
  • Whisky
  • Japanese Green Tea
  • Oolong Tea
  • Lemon or Lime Drinks
50minutes for Members¥5,000
50minutes for Visitors¥6,000
50minutes in VIP ROOM¥10,000

Additional costs that you may encounter during your visit include

Nomination Fee¥2,000
Nomination at Shop¥2,000
Date Fee¥2,000
30minute Extension¥3,500
30minute VIP Extension¥3,000
MiscellaneousTax 10% Service Charge 20%

Mandarin Club Sapporo Review

👣 Shop Experience at Mandarin Sapporo

I visited Mandarin Club after hearing about it from a staff member at Monsoon Sapporo that evening. The venue was empty on arrival and didn’t look busy with staff members startled by my presence when I showed up.

After the confirming the costs involved, I was guided down a dark hallway to my private cabana, welcomed by an Ipad glowing with the words “WELCOME” displayed on screen.

I ordered a beverage through the tablet and used the sterilizer placed on the table to clean my hands and mobile while waiting for my provider.

During this time, I got up to the use washroom before service, finding a poster inside explicitly stating that the store is for “Japanese Only”. This could be an error in translation as they happily expected my business being a “Japanese speaking” foreigner.

👄 Molestation Experience at Mandarin Club Sapporo

After returning, I was happy to see my new friend seated and ready. She introduced herself as “Ruka Ayase”, handing me her business card which I later checked to find her missing from the official site.

Ruka looked like she was in her mid to late 30’s, under 150cm with an emaciated figure, far below my expectations as she looked nothing like the girls advertised on their site leading me to believe the store would offer someone of a higher caliber.

After a brief introduction of ourselves, she asked about my most erogenous parts, which I pointed to my nipples. Ruka lifted my shirt up and attached her lips to my chest, swirling her tongue around like a tornado over my nipples without any hesitation. This continued on and off for the majority of the encounter, pausing only for hydration when required. The effort Ruka put in for her tongue swirling was reciprocated through a nomination which granted her to stay for the entire duration of my 50minute stay.

Beyond the nipple sucking shenanigans that went on, there wasn’t much variation in the service with the lights dimming intermittently for a few minutes that had no effect on Ruka as she continued her slobbering with or without the venue being darkened.

The 50minute visit wasn’t extended when the time came around and I was directed out the store immediately once the time was up.

📌 Mandarin Club Sapporo Information

🏢 Address

2F Susukino Noguchi Building, 4-2-1, Minami 6 Jonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

8PM ~ 1AM
Closed Sundays

🌐 Official Website

Mandarin Club Sapporo


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