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Official Onakura Guide for Masturbation Clubs 2024

Published May 13, 2024
Last Updated July 8, 2024

What is an Onakura? 

Onakura is short for Onani Club, which in Japanese, translates to Masturbation Club.  

The things you can do at an Onakura are much more basic than other sex types in Japan, such as Soaplands or Delivery Healths.  

Onakura in a nutshell: You have girls watch you masturbate. 

By definition, you don’t touch the girls and the girls don’t touch you. There is no undressing either. However, with different Onakura’s venturing into different niches and offering different services/options, the meaning of an Onakura has become ambiguous, but the basis is just that: having a girl watch you masturbate. 

Sex and even oral sex are not allowed. Onakura girls are there to assist with masturbation, and nothing else. To do this, they may dress up in cosplay, get in sexy poses, or at some places, will give you a hand job for an extra fee.

Credit: Gakuimo

What Makes an Onakura So Special?

Some may be wondering, what is the point of going to an Onakura? It seems pointless, since I can just masturbate on my own. Afterall, masturbation is a one player game. 

What Kind of Girls Can I Meet at Onakura? 

In terms of looks, the girls working at an Onakura are one of the finest you’ll meet in the industry. They can include: 

  • Fresh graduates 
  • Girls starting their idol careers 
  • That girl you’ve been eyeing behind the counter at Starbucks 

Since Onakura offers soft services, these girls are more open to joining these clubs as opposed to your full blown Soapland. 

And since these places get many girls applying, store managers must prune out bad apples, because they have to be good looking enough for a man to be able to climax by just looking at them.  

How Much are Onakuras? 

Onakura’s are the cheapest of the cheap. For 10 minutes, you can pay-to-play for just 1500 Yen! This means that if you have a low salary or are on any kind of budget, then even you can go to a “sex” shop on a regular basis. 

Furthermore, you can customize the play to your liking, and if you value the face above anything else, then whether the girl strips down nude or not is not a big deal.  

On top of that, onakura girls are at the prime of their career.

Which Onakura Should I Choose? 

While there are a ton of Onakuras out there, there aren’t as many of them that cater to foreigners like there are Soaplands or Delivery Healths. So even if we recommend searching for them on a foreigner friendly directory, not much will show up.  

Foreigner Friendly Onakuras

Lovely Hand (20 Mins, 4980 Yen, Hand Job Included, No Stripping) 
Hand Maid (45 Mins, 15,000 Yen, Topless, Handjob, Fondling, Cosplay) 
(Notice the price discrepancy and basic services) 

What Girl Should I Choose at an Onakura?

For first timers, this could spell the beginning of the end. Whether you have a good experience or not lies in picking the right girl. 

For starters, double check you understand the theme of an Onakura. Girls working here are young and have only just graduated from school. This means if you are into older women; MILFs, wives, cougars etc., then you will be sadly disappointed with your experience at an Onakura.  

Of course, there are niche shops that can cater to your needs but keep this in mind! 

On the flip side, don’t be so confident about your encounter if you like younger women to begin with. By default, younger girls working in this industry are far too inexperienced.  

What Course Should I Go For at an Onakura?

Prices and courses vary considerably from shop to shop, but in general, there are two types to choose from: 

  • Masturbation Course (basic) 
  • Hand Job Course 

Even though the masturbation course is the hallmark of an Onakura, it is recommend to go with the Hand Job Course for beginners. This is because, let’s face it, at the end of the day, you came to bust a nut. Having a third hand on the job will be easier than doing it alone. 

Onakura’s offer 15, 20, 30-minute courses, etc. If you go for shorter courses, be aware that it is sure to be rushed.

What Options Should I Go For at an Onakura?

Whichever route you choose, here are some recommended options. You can mix and match as you please, but these are what we feel are the most popular and synergistic. 

Hand Job 

If you went with the most basic course, then consider adding a hand job as an option. The market price to throw in a hand job to the mix is 1000 Yen.  


Basic services at an Onakura does NOT offer stripping. Staring at some nice pair of racks is always a plus, so going for the stripping option is a nice add on. This will run you an extra 1000 – 2000 Yen 


Depending on the shop, the touching option may be divided up. For example, touching the girl over her clothes, fondling, or fingering. Since the touching option is sliced into these different categories, the fee can be anywhere from 1000 – 5000 Yen. 

Masturbation Appreciation 

At an Onakura, the whole concept revolves around masturbation. As an option, why not add masturbation appreciation to the mix and watch the girl play with herself. Prices can range from 2000 – 3000 Yen. 

These are the top 4 recommended options that we feel are a good choice to add your your experience at an Onakura. Notice that we didn’t add blowjob, or any of the funky stuff like “tickling.”  

The reason for this is because if you are going to go for a blowjob option, you might as well head over to a Delivery Health where it is a basic service, and the girls their will have a level of professionalism that far exceed girls at an Onakura.  

What Is The Flow Of an Onakura?

When you have chosen everything you wanted, it’s time to go over the flow of an Onakura. 


If you choose to use a shop with a store front, you will head to the shop and pay the fees at the reception. If not, you can pay when the girl arrives. 

In both scenarios, Onakuras ask that you use a rental room from a list that they have ready. These rental rooms serve the same purpose as a love hotel, but are slightly different in that they are smaller, and carry the bare minimum amenities, including a plain mat for a bed.  

(If you wish to use a special hotel of your choice, you will have to run that through with the staff beforehand.) 


When you arrive at your rental room, phone the Onakura up and tell them your location and room number. During this time, you will shower alone, before the girl arrives. 

Play Time 

Since time is short at an Onakura, you should get straight into the masturbation or hand job – depending on what course you opted for. If you paid to get an extra hand, the basic flow is lying on the bed and being passive as you are being stroked, with or without lubricant.  

Touching, kissing, and blowjobs are not permitted unless you paid for the extra options. So, if you’re a beginner, you should be cautious. If you’re original intention was to go beyond a hand job, it is advisable to seek a Delivery Health instead. 

Cleaning Up 

When the timer goes off, it marks the end of the session. Like many Pink Salons, some Onakuras may have the girl just wipe you down with some wet wipes as a form of final cleaning. In either case, if the girl leaves the room before you, you can still take a shower on your own accord. 

There are significant differences between Onakura’s when compared to Soaplands and Delivery Healths which can make things confusing. However, if you keep this guide in mind, you should be able to avoid any mishaps and not run into any major troubles.  

What are the Pros and Cons of an Onakura?


  • At 1500 Yen for 10 mins, Onakuras are the cheapest form of adult entertainment
  • High quality girls 


  • No touching the girl, stripping, kissing, or blowjobs as basic service 
  • Many inexperienced girls 

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