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Itadaki Joshi Book: How Prostitutes Scam! English Version

Published June 11, 2024
Last Updated July 8, 2024

Itadaki Joshi book purchased by over a 1,000 users online, the manual she wrote before being sentenced to 9 years jail in April 2024.

For details about her arrest, check out Female Romance Scammer Arrested by Hanzai.

This translation provided for educational purposes only.

Individuals suspected of conducting romance scams should be reported to the Internet Hotline Center of Japan or to your nearest police station.

[Itadaki Joshi Book For Everyone to Make Money!]


This is Riri-chan❣️❣️

Brief Self-Introduction

I grew up in a toxic environment dealing with domestic violence throughout my childhood. A high school graduate who couldn’t even keep a day job, becoming an addict of host clubs at the age of 20, visiting them on a regular basis for four years straight in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. The habit resulted in me getting behind in my household payments, causing me to become homeless at one point. I’m a Twitterer (Now X) Riri-pussy!

People Who Should Read This Manual

💟Girls who are addicted to host clubs

💟Sugar babies

💟Day workers

💟Night workers

💟Girls who want to make a lot of money

💟Girls who want to make more money than they are currently are

💟Guys who want to teach working girls, including Hosts, Scouts, and Pick Up Artists

Skills Acquired By Reading This Manual

① Earning more than you are currently

I want you to fulfil your dreams by earning more than you currently are! I want you to be flashy✨ By learning my ways, your self-worth and confidence will be boosted by money. “I can’t believe I could make so much money” is what you’ll be telling yourself.

② Reading emotions

Put yourself in the shoes of the geezers and act accordingly. This is one of the most important aspects when swindling money! Knowing what to do on cue by what they say and do is crucial. Getting inside their heads and understanding their thought process is the key to success. 💗 Simply, if you make them happy, you’ll make money.

③ Ability to communicate “Nicely”

(As a child I wasn’t a good communicator)
I want you learn how to “calmy” communicate with these geezers, developing a relationship of trust that’ll lead you to receiving money from them.

④ Becoming the girl that needs to be “helped”

Even though I’m not physically attractive, I can still make a good amount of money through men who think “I’m the only one”, willing enough to throw away their lives in fear of losing me.

Building a relationship based on trust makes these geezers want to help you more leading to bigger payouts.

With this manual I’ll teach you all the techniques necessary to achieve this.

⑤ Make them fall in love with you

Let’s make lots of “harmless” serious relationships. Make them love you for real without the hassle of meeting them in person. By “harmless” relationship👴🏻💩 you can avoid meeting them in person by guilt tripping them with your feelings👴🏻. “I don’t want to make her upset, so I’ll stop asking to meet her” is a good geezer in my books.💗💗❣️❣️

Why I wanted to make so much money

I’ve been addicted to visiting Hosts for four years, and visiting them on a regular basis requires a lot of money, over a ¥1m (US$6,371) a month, which is impossible in reality.

During this time I started sex work at Soaplands and Health Clubs which I wasn’t suited for so I didn’t have enough money!❣️❣️❣️

Check out how much I made working in the Sex industry as a Host addict.


itadaki joshi book picture of her salary working as a sex worker
Yuck! This isn’t even enough to buy champagne at a host club! I couldn’t impress the hosts like the other girls and I hate losing…I was doomed.

Working everyday as prostitute made my eczema worse. I would have break outs everyday making my skin turn bright red. It was embarrassing to see my favorite host looking like this‬❣️❣️❣️❣️

The start of my “Swindling”

👧🏻I decided to try and swindle money from the geezers I exchanged contact details with through LINE during my days working as a prostitute.

I started spamming my contacts for money out of desperation as a frustrated and broke 20 yo girl.👧🏻

At first, I didn’t know what I was doing, asking outright, which didn’t work at all. All I got were replies like “What are you talking about!?” 👧🏻 so I decided to work on what I needed to say to get what I wanted. In about a week I had successfully duped one geezer into sending me some money.

Itadaki Joshi Book picture of her first swindle
My first ever swindle❣️ I was trembling in excitement ¥200,000 (US$1,274)

Personal Swindling Average

The first swindle👧🏻 gave me a boost of confidence in doing more for myself❣️ My attempts weren’t always successful with many failures. In the end, I achieved my goals from tears to triumph.

The Results

20yo, First Year, Per Month Average ¥1.5m (US$9,550)

Itadaki Joshi Book picture of her first shopping spree at a host club
The amounts I was receiving gradually started to increase as time went by. I even had the opportunity to order a Champagne tower at a host club. Making money this way started to become fun for me.

21yo, Second Year, Per Month Average ¥1.5m (US$9,550) ~ ¥2.5m (US$15,928) Average ( Max ¥5m (US$31,856)

Itadaki Joshi Book bank transaction photo from victims
I was able to surround myself with lots of different types of Brandy for the first time in my life! This was when I started going to host clubs daily.

22yo, Third Year, Per Month Average ¥2m (US$12,742)~ ¥2.5m (US$15,928) Average ( Max ¥7m (US$44,598)

Itadaki Joshi Book picture of a spending spree at a host club
The more money I made the more confident I got!

23yo, Fourth Year, Per Month Average ¥10m (US$63,712) Over x 5 ( Max ¥15m (US$95,568)

Itadaki Joshi Book wads of cash spent at a host club
I was able to spend over ¥10m (US$63,712) at a Host Club❣️❣️❣️. Extremely happy with myself and the experience broadened my horizons. My favorite host was delighted with my achievements, it was pure bliss. But!! I was actually in a mess trying my best.

24yo, Fifth Year, 3 Months Savings to Splurge ¥27m (US$172,000) at a Host Club

Itadaki Joshi book louis xiii cognac at a host club
I was hospitalized for over a month trying to swindle this much as I went crazy. Saving this much money was enjoyable even though I didn’t get the amount I aimed for to spend on my favorite host. He did break his own personal record so I’m happy with that. I’m going to work harder from now on!

Let’s do our best together!❣️❣️❣️💢💢

What is “Swindling? The difference with sugar dating

Sugar Dating Concept

Itadaki Joshi Book sugar daddy simulation image
My idea of a “Sugar Dating” relationship.

Sugar dating revolves around having meals, dates, and paid sex with a monthly allowance. Conditions agreed upon between the sugar daddy and sugar baby before meeting face-to-face, which is what usually happens. Meeting through an app, having a face-to-face meeting and receiving a sum of ¥30,000 (US$191) to ¥50,000 (US$318) is my image. My methods don’t require to even meet face to face!

My Personal Method

Itadaki Joshi Book swindling method by riri-chan
Swindling Geezers

The relationship between a man and “girl” in a swindling scheme is equal. From the geezer’s perspective the girl is a precious and valuable being. Simplified further.

  1. Get the man to commit to a relationship based on “trust”
  2. Make the geezer fall in love with you
  3. When you are having “trouble”, 👴🏻 he’ll offer “help” without asking yourself. This is the part where you receive the money.

No prior knowledge is required as I’ve gone into great detail about my methods below. ❣️Girls already swindling money will be able to earn more with my techniques I’ve refined and written in this manual.💗💗

Itadaki Joshi Book animation drawn by riri-chan for her manual


❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥Swindling Routine❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Chapter 1 : Goal Setting

The first important thing to do is setting a goal. Girls trying this method looking to make a quick buck or because It’s “trending” are not going to be successful. You have to be motivated and greedy towards your own “goals” to be successful in this endeavor.

What is your motivation for money?

  • I want to make my favorite host the number #1 at the his club – He is the only one, I’ll support him to achieve his goals!
  • I want to have plastic surgery and be a new person – I want to wear cute clothes, put on cute make up and get people’s attention.
  • I want the latest high fashion brands and look trendy – There are so many things I want! I want to buy them all!
  • I want to pay off my school fees and be debt free – I want to pursue my own passion and do things I like.
  • I want to splurge on my favorite idol

Skills you will acquire from me

  • Communicating efficiently with geezers, the “Talking Skills”
  • Getting into their minds and knowing how they think
  • Getting them to do anything for you

Financial Goals – ¥1,000 (US$6) to ¥10m (US$63,712) What’s the optimal goal?

⭕️For the inexperienced who’ve never swindled any money before, it’s best to get a feel of how the process works by starting in ¥1,000(US$6) increments.

⭕️Once you’ve gotten a grasp of the process you can aim for bigger amounts between ¥100,000 (US$636) to ¥500,000 (US$3,183).

⭕️After a few successful runs, you’ll have a good understanding on the triggers that make them happy handing you money. At this point you should start to aim for amounts between ¥500,000 (US$3,183) to ¥2m(US$12,735).

⭕️Once you’ve got them committed to a relationship based on “trust” with a solid understanding on how they act, you can aim for amounts between ¥2m (US$12,735) to ¥5m (US$31,856).

⭕️Girls who’ve developed their geezers into a “serious” relationship to the point where the guy is willing to throw away their life for you, 👴🏻 aim for ¥5m (US$31,856) to ¥10m (US$63,712).

By the way, getting my favorite host to the number #1 spot is mentally and physically exhausting. I’m still doing my best to achieve over ¥10m (US$63,712) a month💢💢.

Chapter 2 : Persona Creation

Theme – Pure & Innocent Girl 👧🏻💞

Personal History

  • Bad terms with family (domestic violence Included)
  • Mother & father both cheating on each other
  • Reluctant to get married due to experiences at home
  • Older sister present, wasn’t helpful during domestic violence stage at home
  • No contact with family for a long time
  • Left home at 18 to live alone, family home isn’t a good environment to be in
  • Used savings to start living alone and didn’t plan ahead, barely making ends meet
  • No relatives to rely on
  • Attending a “Fashion College” but had to drop out due to lack of funds


  • Dislike of men
  • Can’t look into the eyes of men
  • Traumatized by men
  • Geezer is the first “man” she’s spoken with naturally
  • Never had a proper boyfriend
  • People have confessed their love to me but all turned down
  • Wanting to go back to “Fashion College”
  • Dreams of becoming a designer and starting own fashion label
  • Not good at relying on others
  • Tries to solve problems themselves but fail
  • Doesn’t have anyone to talk to
  • Not good at asking for advice
  • Has only a few friends
  • Not good at making friends
  • Didn’t attend school much
  • Doesn’t know how to say “no”
  • Easily deceived
  • Likes going out to different places
  • Doesn’t spend money on themselves
  • ¥70,000 (US$445) is enough for living expenses
  • Someone who doesn’t “cost” a lot of money
  • Wants to live a normal life
  • Poor health
  • Mentally sensitive

Living Situation

Someone you’ve met through “Night” work.
▶️ Living in a dormitory so they can’t come over.

Someone you’ve met through an “Application”.
▶️ Living in company housing so they can’t come over.


  • Clean
  • Dark hair by default
  • Modest nails – Sculpted Nails❌
    (You can have your nails done by saying that your friend from high school that’s now a nail artist wanted you to be a model for their work (Free) or you can make an excuse like they are just nail chips that come off easily)
  • Light makeup (No Red Lipstick❌)
  • White fluffy clothes (All black not recommended)
  • Shoes that aren’t flashy
  • Don’t wear too many accessories (No earrings)
  • High fashion brand items❌


  • Smile with the corner of mouth raised
  • Nod often
  • Listen with interest
  • Make eye contact often
  • Have some physical contact like a nudge on the shoulder “occasionally”
  • Always keep a certain distance in the relationship and never get close. Be the girl that he chases

Chapter 3 : Victim Types

There are three types of geezers you will come across

Taker Geezer (Low Tier)
Matcher Geezer (Mid Tier)
Giver Geezer (High Tier)

Let’s learn about these three types and how to distinguish them!

① Take Geezer

Itadaki Joshi Book taker geezer
The worst.

⭐️Doesn’t think about others, only how to exploit them
⭐️99% of the time you won’t get anything out of them💢
⭐️Lots of girls waste their time with these types
⭐️Immediately cut them off, after messaging them to “die” first

Features of “Taker Geezer”

  • Only thinks about themselves
  • Doesn’t care if the other person isn’t enjoying themself, wants to only have fun him
  • Only thinks about satisfying their own desires
  • They don’t care if you are uncomfortable, as long as they are happy
  • Doesn’t notice when others are feeling bad
  • Speaks to others in a condescending manner
  • Brags a lot
  • Doesn’t listen to others
  • Thinks they are popular
  • Has high expectations of women
  • Narcissistic
  • Uses money on themselves
  • When you are talking about your own issues, they say things like “I’m having it harder than you”
  • Sends selfies of themselves
  • Profile icon is themselves
  • Spends a lot of money on hobbies
  • Asks to go out even when you tell them you are sick
  • Gross
  • Smelly
  • Looks down on women in general

② Matcher Geezer

Itadaki Joshi Book matcher geezer
Common mid-tier geezers.

⭐️The money given by these types are in proportion to the level of commitment built through trust
⭐️Without being as “committed”, they’ll ask for something in return
⭐️Easy to get between ¥500,000(US$3,183) to ¥2.5m (US$15,928)

Features of “Matcher Geezer”

  • If you’ve developed a committed relationship with this type of geezer, they’ll think “She always talks to me and makes me happy so whenever she’s in trouble I’m happy to help out financially”
  • If you aren’t committed enough with this type there are situations where they could ask for something in return like a date because they’ve given you so much money so be careful
  • They may cut you off if you aren’t as committed to the relationship after giving you a sum of money

③ Giver Type

Itadaki Joshi Book giver geezer
My favorite

⭐️Prioritizes giving to others
⭐️Doesn’t expect to get anything in return
⭐️All the big amounts I’ve received are through these types❣️❣️❣️
⭐️These are the cream of the crop, gods of the geezers that’ll take you new levels
⭐️Once you’ve developed a committed relationship, You can swindle smoothly between ¥10m(US$63,712) ~ ¥999m(US$636,482)

Features of “Giver Geezer”

  • Many are single
  • They think everything is their responsibility
  • Many are your average salary man
  • They don’t find their work rewarding and only work to make a living
  • All they do is work, go home and sleep everyday
  • No personal aspirations or dreams
  • They don’t have outlets to spend money
  • They don’t have a habit of spending money on themselves
  • They feel lonely
  • They want to be taken care of
  • They don’t have people around them who listens to them
  • They are clean and tidy
  • Not interested in online activities like (Twitter or Facebook)
  • Never been popular
  • Not much experience with romantic relationships
  • They don’t have any hobbies that they are passionate about
  • Low expectations for girls
  • They are considerate
  • They will always think from your perspective e.g (I’ll adjust the meeting place to suit you 👴🏻etc)
  • No meaningless invites
  • They are often alone
  • Many live alone (I’ve received messages from some that still live with their parents)
  • They are lonely so they reply to LINE messages quickly

Cut off all the takers and only search for Matcher and Givers.❣️❣️

Chapter 4 : Finding Victims

① Night Work
② Dating Apps
③ Marriage Apps
④ Sugar Daddy Apps
⑤ Through a normal day job
⑥ Ex-Boyfriend
⑦ Family
⑧ Sex Work

You can meet anyone, anywhere, it really doesn’t matter. There are a lot of them around, everyone can be swindled in some way or another. I’ve been swindled myself when I gave money to others as well.

Which application is the best?

It doesn’t matter which app you use, as long as you are comfortable using it. I won’t go into each app specifically because it would go off topic.

I usually just search on the app store and download whichever app comes to the top of the results after making a search.

Ideal Targets on Apps

  • Set your target on Men over 40 years old
  • Old guys who’ve just installed the app and hasn’t spoken to any girls yet
  • A profile photo which isn’t good looking, usually an awkward selfie straight on
  • Annual income set to under ¥10m(US$63,712)
  • Hobbies that don’t cost so much (like walking, going to onsens, etc.)
  • Doesn’t use too many emojis
  • Speaks politely at first
  • Doesn’t act overly friendly
  • Doesn’t ask you to switch to LINE straight away

Targets to Avoid on Apps

  • Immediately calls you by your first name
  • Talks down to you in a condensing manner
  • A profile photo that looks like they are “cool”
  • Talks casually with no honorific speech
  • Familiar with the app
  • Always stays logged in
  • Uses templates for messages
  • Asks to meet straight away
  • Directs the conversation
  • Sends messages asking for “erotic” photos 👴🏻
  • 👴🏻You won’t be able to swindle money from these types who ask for erotic photos in exchange for pay⚠️

Finding a Geezer Through Sex Work

I prefer finding geezers through sex work than apps, since I’m good at it and like doing it.

Recommendations for Sex Work

Don’t bother working at a sex shop with too many options. Image clubs and SM shops are the worst; lots of horny bastards at these shops.

Work at a shop where you can collect a lot of contacts, high traffic shops are the best as there are no guarantees with high-end places the amount of customers you’ll meet.❌

The more geezers you meet, the easier it’ll be to find a giver❣️❣️

I’ve collected all my geezers through places I’ve worked in the past, school themed sex shops, low to mid-tier Delivery health / Soaplands.💗💗

Ideal Targets at a Sex Shop

  • Plays lightly
  • Brings gifts
  • Repeats quickly
  • Wants comfort more than sexual play
  • Doesn’t do anything you don’t like
  • No excessive requests
  • Doesn’t have strange sexual desires
  • Doesn’t say stuff like 👴🏻 “You don’t have to take a bath”

Targets to Avoid at a Sex Shop

  • Excessive demands (Like asking for a rim job)
  • Asking to do stuff until the very last minute
  • Maintains body contact after play
  • Asks personal questions like 👴🏻 “What’s your real name?”
  • Prefers sexual play over talking
  • These types of geezers need to die
  • Expects my contact details when asked
  • 👴🏻 Expects to meet outside when asked

Once I realize I won’t be able to swindle them, I give them the cold treatment and conserve my energy for the next target.

Pros of Dating Apps

  • You can do it at home
  • You can swindle them without meeting in person (I’ve done this myself)
  • Hard to find a good giver amongst all the shitty geezers

Cons of Dating Apps

  • Takes time to build a committed relationship starting from just texting
  • Without meeting them in person, you’ll only be able to swindle under ¥500,000(US$3,183).
  • The amount you can get one from person is less than you would get from someone you’ve met in person

Pros of Night Work

  • When you meet someone at a store, you’ll be able to see each other face-to-face ➕ have a conversation ➕ see if there’s a vibe. Physical contact can expediate the process in getting them committed
  • You can make money at the store while searching for a geezer

Cons of Night Work

  • Requires stamina
  • Switching personas between “work” and the “swindler” can be hard.

If you want to make the big bucks, I’d recommend doing night work.❣️❣️❣️

Once I’ve found a giver I’ll quit the shop immediately, siphoning money from them and repeat this process every 6 months.

Chapter 5: Relationship Building

What does building a committed relationship entail?

What this means is…
Giving them the world’s best conversation that makes them feel special.
👴🏻 “I’m glad to be alive”
👴🏻 “My existence is meaningful”
👴🏻 “Thanks to her, I realized why I’m alive”
👴🏻 “I want to enjoy my days with her more”

Furthermore, you need to become the girl that he trusts the most.
👴🏻 “There isn’t anyone as pure and trustworthy than her”
👴🏻 “I can trust her with anything”

This is how they need to think of you.

Harmless Love Mindset

Once they’ve got a serious crush on you, they’ll start thinking like this
👴🏻 “I’d do anything for this girl”
👴🏻 “She’s the only one I have”
👴🏻 “I feel safe with her”
👴🏻 “She’s the only one that understands the real me”
👴🏻 “Making her happy is what makes me happy”
👴🏻 “I won’t do anything that she doesn’t like”
👴🏻 “I don’t want her to hate me”

This is the mindset of someone who’s fallen in “love harmlessly”.❣️

Once you’ve got them to this level, every time you are in “trouble” they’ll react by giving you a helping hand. 👴🏻 You won’t have any issues at this point.

Harmful Love Mindset

👴🏻 “You like me, so we can meet more often, right?”
👴🏻 “You like me, so you’re supposed to listen to what I say”
👴🏻 “Why don’t you get closer to me if you like me?”
👴🏻 “Why don’t you like me even though I like you so much? 💢 ( You don’t help me at all )”

▶️▶️These types of “harmful love” are usually takers who use the words “like” to try and fulfill their demands.❌

8 Points When Exchanging Contacts

⭐️ Regardless where you met them, whether through an app or night work, 👧🏻 make them feel special when exchanging contact details by saying things like “Wow, this is the first time I’ve been asked for my contact details, I’m kind of nervous”.🥲
⭐️ Say 👧🏻 “I don’t usually use (app), but when I do I reply to my friends in a few days…” When the geezer messages, reply immediately making him feel “special”.
⭐️ Say 👧🏻 “I didn’t exchange contacts for work purposes, but only to talk to you more on a personal level”.
⭐️ When asking to exchange contact details, 👧🏻 always follow up with a message saying you were “scared of being rejected”. 🥲 Save this as a template when searching.
⭐️ When exchanging contact details, 👧🏻 act like you don’t know how to use the application and act for assistance. This shows them that you’re not used to using the app.
⭐️ After exchanging, send them a message with their name. Give them a nickname like (name)-kun.💗
⭐️ If they’ve given you their real name add their details to their contact info including the date you met to use at a later date to make them feel “happy”.❣️❣️

Make them feel “special” for obtaining your contact details, this isn’t something you ordinarily do.❣️

Communication Techniques in a Committed Relationship

Have this conversation in person, over the phone, or through LINE.

Making yourself look “Pure”

⭐️ Let them know you have little experience with men and romantic relationships. The geezer is the only “real” one they’ve had. This needs to be drilled into them. 💗

👧🏻 “I don’t have any guys around me and not good with them either, but you’re different from all the guys I’ve met before”

👴🏻 “Am I special?, I’m the only one she’s opened up to?”

👧🏻 “What were your ex-girlfriends like?” “I see, you are really experienced, I don’t have any experience myself….”

👴🏻 “She’s never had a boyfriend before!?”.

👧🏻 “Where did you go for dates in the past?” “That’s great, I dream of going to a movie date with someone I like”

👴🏻 “I want to make this happen”

When he mentions things he wants to eat or places he wants to go. Instead of saying things like “I know that place” say things on the line of “What is that?”, “That’s the first time I’ve heard of that place, you are so knowledgeable! I want to go eat there”.

👴🏻 “I want to teach you everything!”

Being Authentic

⭐️ Over-Exaggerate your emotions according to the geezer’s conversation.

Geezer : “I saw a stray cat today, it was so cute and I couldn’t stop looking at it. 🥲I felt sorry for it and wanted to take it home…😭”

▶️ When texting use words that express your feelings like “Ahh..” “Ohh..” “Woww”

▶️ Instead of just saying something is funny when replying to their text, try to say something like “That’s funny, I’m laughing so hard right now lol” or “I can’t stop grinning, I’m so embarrassed” Let them know the expressions you are making.

Routine Conversations

👴🏻 In the geezer’s mind

👴🏻 “I enjoy texting each other every day, I want to keep doing this forever, I don’t want to lose her!”

👧🏻 But because you’ve got money issues it’s putting a strain on your mental health so you can’t “reply” as often. He’ll like to step in and help you out with your issues. 🥲→👴🏻

Initially you will want to start sending a good morning message, after work message and one before bed. Sending this everyday will form a routine where he’ll start messaging you in this pattern.

Memorable Conversations

⭐️ Turn every interaction you have into “memories”, 👧🏻 by making these timestamps you can reference them as the relationship builds making him fall for you even harder. He’ll want to continue making memories in the future with you but “financial issues” you’ll face will need to be solved by him for them to be “created”.

If you are doing night work when getting his contact details, 👧🏻 take a photo of your hands making a peace sign and send it to him with an accompanying message like “ This is a memento of our meeting today~💗”.

Give him a random hair tie or some accessory you don’t need anymore. 👧🏻 Say something like “This is something important to me and I want you to keep it” If it’s a hair tie, I’ll put it on his arm.

Every time he sees the “thing” you gave him, it’ll remind him of you.

Exciting Conversation

⭐️ By making his 👴🏻 heart pound 💗 you can leave a lasting impression on him thinking you’re “special”

  • 👧🏻 “Ah.. talking to you makes me feel calm. Thank you for everything”
  • “I was just thinking about you and then I got a LINE message”
  • “Listen, listen, I just woke up and I had a dream about you! We were walking a dog together, I’m so happy💗”
  • “I want to see you” repeatedly but in reality, you’ll never meet him
  • Send him a cute girl’s stamp and make him think that the stamp is you


Itadaki Joshi Book line stamp recommendation
Love stickers


⭐️ Make him trust you from the bottom of his heart like a child.

👧🏻 “I feel safe with you (name)”

Confidently say things like “Are you tired?, if anything happens let me know! I’ll do anything for you” saying things like this doesn’t cost any money, it’s free!

The job is to make the other person feel “happy”.

Send “Caring” messages from time to time, like “ You always work too much, I’m worried.. You’re a hard worker”.

“Let me know if you catch a cold, okay? I’ll buy you pudding and come visit you~”.

▶️👴🏻 He’ll think, what a nice girl! I want to protect this girl by all means.

Referencing The Past

⭐️ Tell him about your past so he feels like he knows everything about you. You can use real experiences or make up stories on the fly.

⭐️ Tell him things from your past that sound “difficult” to talk about so he trusts you more thinking that you’ve only shared these things only with him.

“During middle school, I was in an art club but I wasn’t good at drawing, I like drawing though💗”.

“I was ill all the time and didn’t attend school much, I didn’t get to make many friends”.🥲

“I never got along well with my family, they’d always bully me. I haven’t been in contact with them for awhile now. This is the first time “I’ve told anyone about this, are you put off by this?.

That time, This Thing

⭐️ Make him feel special and important to you!

“If I was in the same class as you at school, I’d have more fun going to school lol”

“It would be helpful having someone like you around when you’re down”

“I always end up failing because I try to do everything on my own, I’m going to ask you for advice from now on”

Look like you’re doing your “Best”

⭐️ Acting pure and innocent 👧🏻, being clueless and crying for help won’t make others want to help you out! Show that you are trying your best to make others feel like helping you out.

“I’m at work again but I’m really sleepy, I’ve been asked to do something important so I’ll do my best”

“I had a really hard time yesterday, there was a customer I didn’t like. There’s no point worrying about it, so I’ll try harder”. Create a gap for when you are feeling down and happy.


⭐️ Don’t have the same conversations everyday like “ What were you doing today?, I see..” 🙆🏻‍♀️ Try to have natural sounding conversations that show your personality. 👧🏻

“I’ll ask you anything!” show signs that you want to get closer to him.

  • Hey Hey! (Geezer)
  • Nothing! I just wanted to holler at you lol
  • Whattt? No way!
  • I want some free time

Show that you are “Serious”

⭐️ Don’t look like you are just living day by day but that you are thinking about your future also by showing your serious side. 👧🏻 This will signal that you are thinking about the future. By playing dumb too much the geezer may take initiative and say things like 👴🏻 “You don’t know anything so let listen to me”. In these circumstances, even if he does just play along.

  • “It’ll take awhile to get qualified, but I’m studying bit by bit”
  • “I’m stupid but I’m trying my best in my own way, It’s difficult but I’m doing my best”🥲❣️
  • “Once I get my qualification, I’ll let you know”

Show that you are “Weak”

⭐️ This is important, by showing that you are “weak”, you’ll be able to call off meetings and leave messages without replying when its inconvenient. If the geezer is nice enough, he’ll worry about your condition more and “living” expenses.

  • “I have asthma and I can’t stop coughing this morning”
  • “I’ve always had less stamina than other people, I used to collapse during school trips in the summer”
  • “I’ve had a stomach ache since yesterday, it hasn’t gone away. I wonder if I’m, okay?”

Show you have “Dreams”

⭐️ It’s important to be someone with a planned future. If your geezer is a good giver, he will feel “happy” supporting your dreams and future ambitions. Talking about this subject is vital to developing a committed relationship with your geezer.

👧🏻 I love fashion, so one day my dream is to start my own clothing line. I don’t know when that will be but I hope I can make it happen”
👧🏻 Thank you for listening to listen me, I’m embarrassed to tell anyone! I’m always thinking of new designs that I’d like people to wear. I’ll show you next time I see you (never going to happen)

Future Romance

⭐️ The key to alleviating any concerns that the geezer has of you are through phantom future plans. He may be thinking that you’ll disappear one day but providing false hope through the power of imagination is the key to success. Fantasizing time with you in certain scenarios in the future will be the same as experiencing them.

  • “I want to go to Disneyland..”
  • “Will you go with me? One day?”
  • “I’m so happy…!!! Going on a date with you will be so much fun”
  • “Let’s wear Disney headbands together, It’ll look good on you❣️❣️,”
  • “This headband, <picture of headband from Disney> 💗“
  • “Let’s take lots of pictures”

Make a list of places you want to go and things you want to do and send them.

Itadaki Joshi Book list of places to go on fake dates with the victim

Show you are “Frugal”

⭐️ The first swindle is the most important, any suspicions about what you are doing in your first attempt can cause the entire relationship to fall apart at this point. 👴🏻 Once you’ve received a few transactions he may think you are after his money. Some continue giving money knowing this fact anyway, like my geezers. 👴🏻 Eventually they’ll cut you off and vanish.

  • “I’ve only had rice balls for lunch today, they were delicious! I spend less then ¥500(US$3) on food lol”
  • “I can pay for groceries and utilities if I had ¥50,000(US$318) extra a month”

▶️ Shows that you don’t care about money by talking about how frugal you are.

  • “I want to live in the country side”

▶️ Shows that you want to live somewhere cheaper with lower living costs

  • “Money may be important, but I think it’s more important to have someone you can be with”

Opening his Heart

⭐️ Don’t talk about yourself all the time, listen to what the geezer has to say and take interest. 👴🏻 Make him feel like there’s no one else who’ll listen to him, become a friend that he can tell anything to.

When he is talking, make sure you are paying attention to the conversation, with exaggerated questions like “And Then?”, “That’s Amazing!”

Let him know that his conversations are interesting and that there’s no one else like him. He is amazing!

Make him feel Desired

⭐️ Geezers are never wanted by girls, so making them feel desired will make them happy. 🥲

  • “I want a picture of your face, like how you look right now”
  • “I’m so happy, I made the photo my LINE background image” (I’ll take a screenshot and change it back right away)
  • “I want to hold hands with you. I want to feel your warm hands. Can you send me a picture of your hands? ( I’ll send him a picture first )
  • “Let’s hold hands when we meet”

Confirmation Talk

⭐️ I don’t use the word “Going Out” with geezers, my technique is to offer the experience of “dating” without actually being together.  Geezers who ask you out officially are usually matchers or takers. Going out will mean that they want you to become “theirs”. They are only trying to fulfil their own desires by doing that.

  • “What do you think of me?”
  • “I hope you don’t get sick of me”
  • “You won’t leave me will you?”
  • “Please don’t leave me alone”
  • “I want to be able to talk with you in the future”
  • “I want to make lots of memories”

Jealously Talk

⭐️ Make him think you’re jealous on purpose, he hasn’t experienced this with girls before. 👴🏻 He’ll become more protective over you by doing this.

  • “You must be popular with girls, I’m not the only you are talking to right?”
  • “I bet your ex-girlfriend was pretty, that makes me insecure”
  • “If your ex-girlfriend messaged you will you get back together?”

Things You Shouldn’t Mention ❌

  • You’ve been to a host club (Don’t talk about hosts in general, I’ll usually deflect this by saying I don’t like alcohol)
  • Male celebrities you like (Say you don’t have one)
  • Male icon is a male idol (Cute girl models, underground idols or selfies are recommended)
  • Knowledge (If you know too much about anything, 👴🏻 he’ll suspect you over things once the swindling starts)
  • Making promises for marriage

Creating a Hierarchical Relationship

⭐️ Time to create a pecking order.

  • Blame him when he makes the slightest mistake or breaks a promise e.g “You went to bed last night without saying good night didn’t you? I was lonely”
  • “You like cute girls don’t you? You don’t need me do you?”
  • “Accuse him of visiting prostitutes behind your back”

👴🏻 Guilt trip him by making him apologize for the accusations you make.

Voice Messages

⭐️ If you’re not good on the phone, using a voice message is recommended.❣️❣️

You can amplify the conversation with voice messages to express your feelings even further. This will deepen the relationship you are developing with the geezer.

  • A simple “Good Morning.. I just woke up” is enough
  • “Name-kun, you did a great job today! I’m tired as well”

Use the cutest voice you can make.

💗Psychological Warfare💗

All the techniques used in conversation has been mentioned above, I’ll go on further now with my techniques on developing a committed relationship with your target.

Making them commit to the relationship you are trying to develop will be a psychological battle.❌❌

Sending some text messages and talking over the phone won’t be enough.

💗What’s the best timing?
💗When should you say something to make it some more “real” and sincere?
💗When is the best time to get at him emotionally? Think about your words and choose wisely

The most important aspect of all this is becoming the girl that the geezer is committed to. Instead of thinking about your financial goals you need to become the girl that he wants to nurture and protect by any means necessary. If someone you care about is in trouble, it’s in our nature to act without reason. This is what true love is.

Itadaki Joshi Book hand drawing by riri-chan

Chapter 6: Swindle Timing

⭐️ Once you’ve got them committed in a relationship based on trust, the harmless “serious crush” is formed.

Even if you don’t reply, he will happily follow up with messages like

  • When you say you’re not feeling well he will say things like “Is there anything I can do for you?”
  • He doesn’t express his desires 👴🏻 (Geezer may call without asking, saying “I want to call you”)
  • He tries hard to reply to your messages even when he’s at work
  • No matter how far away you are, he will ask 👴🏻 “Shall we go and see each other” trying to come to you

Once you’ve got them to this stage you can start cashing out.

Chapter 7 : First Swindle

Once you’ve got them committed you are ready to receive your money. 👧🏻 Asking for money directly will only upset the geezer and possibly result in the relationship being ended at this point.

Let me teach you how to smoothly go about this process without any hiccups.

Make Him Worried

⭐️ When you first tell him about your financial issues, don’t start the conversation by saying “This is what happened”

❤️‍🔥 Instead tell him in a manner like “I don’t want to tell anyone about this, I’m trying to sort it out on my own but since you asked, I’ll tell you”❤️‍🔥

You want him to think that he is making you reveal an unpleasant matter from you. By doing so he will take you seriously and listen intently to your cries. If you don’t set this up properly he may brush you off and get back to the issue at a later time.

It will make him feel special that you are “revealing” the story to him. A good giver with no intention on abandoning the relationship will take matters into his own hands and take action.

Get him to say things like “What’s wrong?”, “don’t hide anything, just tell me” and “I don’t care, I want you to tell me everything”.

I start replying slower than usual and leave a gap (If you’ve got a geezer sending you messages like “Are you OK?” you are on the right track)

  • I’m sorry I haven’t been able to message all day today
  • I might not be able to LINE for awhile
  • I’m having a bit of hard time mentally
  • I’m sorry?

👴🏻 “Did something happen?”

2. What to say before

  • It’s nothing, don’t worry about it!
  • I want to talk to you more but I can’t right now, sorry!

👴🏻 “What happened? Tell me!”

3. What to say now that you’ve got him asking

  • I want to tell you but I can’t, I don’t want you to hate me
  • But I can’t tell anybody it, what should I do?

👴🏻 “I’m listening, I’ll try to help you out”

▶️ Before you talk about your financial issues, make sure you get the geezer to say something on the lines of “Is there anything I can do for you?”, “I’ll do what I can” or “I’d like to help you out” Once they’ve made that promise make sure that they keep it.💗💗

4. How to talk about your “financial issues”

⭐️ Send your messages in bits from this point like you don’t want to actually be sending them. Don’t say it in all-in-one go.

“Are you sure you’re not going to hate me? if it’s okay I’m going to let you know then” Don’t make it sound like you are asking for help directly. Make sure that they know that you are only telling them because you want them to know more about you as they are an important person in their life.

👧🏻 “I’ve been getting contacted from people I don’t like”

👧🏻 “I don’t know what to do”

👴🏻 “Just ignore them”

👧🏻 “I want to just ignore them but I can’t because It’s my fault”

👴🏻 “You didn’t do anything bad did you? What happened?”

👧🏻 “I don’t want to say it sorry”

👴🏻 “Just tell me”

👧🏻 “I owe this person money from a long time and I need to pay it back”

👴🏻 “Money?”

👧🏻 “Yeah, I was in a bad situation at the time and I could do anything”

5. What to say after

⭐️ In the case of a “giver”, many will ask “how much?” providing assistance from this point on with suggestions on how to resolve this issue together. If this happens you are getting close to the jackpot.

⭐️ Don’t get too desperate and ask him to “help”. Thank him for listening to your worries first. If they suspect you of trying to swindle them the whole scheme will fall apart.

👧🏻 “Thank you for listening to me”

👧🏻 “You are the only one who’ll listen to me like this”

👧🏻 “Anyway, I feel a little better now mentally”

6. Make him gravitate towards you

👧🏻 “You’re the only guy for me!”

👧🏻 “I want to talk to you more and get to know you better”

👧🏻 “Since you listened to my problems, let me know if I can help you with anything, I’d do anything for you, I’d even die for you”

▶️ It’s important to stop talking about the “money” issues at this point for the time being

👧🏻 “I’ll try to think about what I can do about it myself”

👧🏻 “It may be impossible to fix this issue but I want to be with you, so I’ll do my best”

▶️ Show that you are trying to resolve this issue alone

7. Shady Talk

Leave the conversation about your financial issues for a day before starting up again.

👧🏻 “What should I do…”

👴🏻 “What happened?”

👧🏻 “That person called me and I’m scared now”

👧🏻 “I don’t know what to do”

👧🏻 “I’m sick of this”

▶️ Don’t say “help me” but let them know you are suffering mentally over these issues. 👴🏻 The geezer needs to realize that by offering you money he will “resolve” 🙆🏻‍♀️ these issues you are having mentally. Don’t ask for money directly as they may ask for something in return and cause issues down the line. The key here is to make them feel like you are getting helped out, not paid.

🥲🥲“Financial Issue” Scenarios🥲🥲

Most Common

⚠️ If you are asked for evidence, it shows that the relationship isn’t going as well as you thought. Make sure that the trust in the relationship is rock solid so he doesn’t question your honesty.

❤️‍🩹 What I often say is “A long time ago, I was in financial trouble and tried to resolve the issue myself but I couldn’t do anything about it so I had to borrow money” ❤️‍🩹

I don’t go into great detail as “I don’t want to remember that time of my life”.

You can say things like the money was for overdue rent, scholarships, credit card payments etc. 💗

Chapter 7 : Rebuttals👴🏻💩

⭐️ When the geezer offers solutions without giving you money directly.

⭐️ Solutions offered by the geezer which doesn’t involve money indicates that he is genuinely worried about your situation thus a good indicator of his feeling towards you. You must have rebuttals ready on cue to what he said or else your credibility can be tarnished.

👧🏻 “I’ve thought about doing those things myself but they didn’t work!”

▶️ Make sure you made an effort in resolving these issues in the past.

Consult a Lawyer

If I only told this story to the geezer why would I consult a lawyer, someone I don’t even know? Lawyers are only interested in making money and don’t care about me as a person. Consulting with a lawyer and reducing the “debt” I have will only make trouble with the people I owe money to. “I’ll pay the money back myself”.

Talk to the City Hall

I’ve already gone there a few times to ask if there’s anything they can do for me. Since I’m still young, at a working age with a place to live they don’t take me seriously.

Talk to your parents

⭐️ If you’ve already told him that you’re on bad terms and not talking to them he won’t ask this question.

If not you can say something on the lines of saying that “If I had parents I could trust, I would have talked to them but I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place if that was the case”.

Make them wait

It’s impossible, they’ve been contacting me for awhile now and know where I live, I can’t have them waiting any longer.

You just want money don’t you?

“What are you talking about, No way! You asked me to tell you everything so I did” Let’s stop talking about this, I was stupid telling you in the first place, I thought you would understand”

👴🏻 Make him listen to and apologize to you.

Chapter 8 : Cashing Out

Cash in Hand

⭐️ When meeting in person make sure to leave by saying something like, “I’ve been called to work today, I’ll have to leave by a certain time. Is that okay? I’d like to stay as long as possible though”.

Don’t bring up the topic of money yourself. Wait for him to bring it up.

⭐️ When receiving the money, don’t forget to be hesitant by saying “Are you sure? I can’t accept it after all, but I want to get the issue over and done with to be with you more”.

Bank Transfer

Don’t ask, unless he offers this method. When going with this option act like you don’t know how bank transfers work by asking questions like “What account number do I need?” or “Is this the right one?”.

LINEPay, PayPay

Electronic payments is best for receiving small amounts like support for your living expenses such as a few thousand yen up to ¥12,000(US$76). For example if you are having issues with your living expenses being so high. You can tell the geezer that you always pay with PayPay and that you’ve run out of funds on the account. If help is offered you can say “Really? 🥲 I don’t want to be a burden on you but I haven’t had anything to eat today, could you spoil me?” “Thank you so much”, support his offerings by asking “Do you know how to use Paypay?”.

Chapter 9 : After Care

⭐️ After the first successful transfer you’ll need to follow up with after care or else the chances of you receiving any further deposits will decrease drastically. If you don’t follow up with the geezer he may suspect you of ultimately being after his money.

“If it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead right now, thank you so much”

“Thank you, I was able to return the money properly”

“I’m so glad to have met you”

“Let’s stay together from now on.”

▶️ A big “thank you” after receiving your first deposit is a must.

Chapter 10 : Future Swindles

I believe that if you’ve received money from one geezer, you’ll be able to siphon at least ¥3m(US$19,113) from each individual in total based on my personal experience. It may be mentally draining searching for a matcher or giver who’ll give you the money but the feeling of accomplishment once you’ve achieved your goals will be worth the effort.

The flow for further funds is the same as the instructions from chapter one though, so you can use the same problem again on others.

The most important aspect of all this is to make them want to help you out. Making them commit to a relationship based on trust so it really doesn’t matter what “issues” you have to use on them.

My own geezers don’t really know why they are giving me money, but they do it because they feel sorry for me and like me.

After the second swindle I usually do it every other month going forward.

Let’s do our best ! ❣️❣️❣️💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥End of the Swindling Routine❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Itadaki Joshi Book cute anime character drawn by ririchan for her manual

Fading Out

⭐️ Keep them on hook for as long as you can

  • Let him know you are busy and reduce the frequency of your messages (I contact busy geezers once every 3 months or so)
  • My issues are never ending so the geezers end up giving up themselves “I can’t help you anymore” and the frequency of their replies gradually decrease over time.

For example, one geezer I’ve received almost ¥5m(US$31,856) from in total, when he has money to spare, he’ll automatically transfer ¥30,000(US$191) for living expenses to me without asking. 🔽

Itadaki Joshi Book screenshot of a conversation with a victim

Reasons for Failure

⭐️ Most people fail because they are deceived a taker and continue to deal with them. Take your losses and move on.

⭐️ Failure to develop a committed relationship with your geezer, if you don’t sound genuine he’ll get red flags and leave you.

⭐️ Sounding too affectionate will cause distrust in the geezer.

⭐️ Asking for too much, too fast. The first big amounts should be between ¥100,000(US$637) to ¥300,000(US$1,911), be patient.

Dealing with Mental Geezers

⭐️ These types of men, despite being a grown adult cannot control their emotions and can easily get triggered. If you come across someone like this you might panic and think, “What should I do!?”. Stay cool, after all they are just human beings. There is nothing to be scared of. They won’t turn into monsters! Be calm and collected, while analyzing their needs and how they might be feeling while you interact with them.

A 60-year-old geezer of mine with mental issues told me repeatedly that he’ll go to my parent’s house and “threaten them” or “Make an incident on the train tracks”. Just let them know they can do whatever they like but you should know that this guy has fully committed himself to you by saying these things to you. You can create some distance by saying “You don’t care about me anymore, do you? You want to do all this because you don’t want to talk to me anymore?”. With a little time, he’ll crawl back to you after he comes to his senses, after all anger doesn’t last long. He’ll come to the realization that it’s not worth getting worked up over some minor issues.

Once someone is in a committed relationship, they’ll never do anything bad to a girl who’s made a lot of great memories for them. It’s best to be kind to them, push him away when needed and react to things in a way that suits him. Don’t get scared and block or delete them.

My method to building a ¥10m (US$63,712) Committed Relationship(s)

I experienced incredible hardships mentally on this road, resilience is required. I’ll swindle a huge amount from one person, on months with earnings over ¥10m (US$63,712), I’d take ¥7m (US$44,598) from one person and ¥5m (US$31,856) from another. By having multiple geezers on the line you can get multiple sources, for example ¥3m (US$19,712) from 4 people. It isn’t easy finding “givers” willing to give you over ¥3m (US$19,712) a month so once you find one, it’s important to gradually raise the stakes higher to get to these numbers.

Prepare yourself for the money you will receive! For me personally, asking for money is a mentally straining process, I’d have breakdowns which are resolved by taking “medicine” to clear my head. For the geezer, earning ¥10,000 (US$63) can be a big deal for them. The money they’ve been saving little by little over the years! Men will throw away their lives for me getting into debt or using up all their inheritance. This is the money you’ll be receiving so prepare yourself by using the money wisely.

🤞 People who feel “lucky” to be receiving such large amounts won’t be successful. Receiving such large amounts comes with great responsibility and the burden knowing the lengths you put these geezers through to get the money to you.

Don’t let them regret giving you money also, make sure that you are also committed in the relationship by giving him as much “happiness” as possible, creating a win-win situation. My motto is to make them content with having met you even though the money gone may have caused some hardship in their life. This is why I haven’t been sued or killed in the past four years. Let’s be there for him! I know it’s gross though!!!

Mindset of being a “Itadaki-Joshi” A girl who receives money from men! How to control your emotions when feeling down

⭐️ I think that the money these geezers have saved is useless. What’s the point of saving all this money if you don’t have an outlet to use it on? Money should be invested in experiences and personal growth. Instead of them saving the money, I can use the money in other meaningful ways.

⭐️ I’m not stealing the money from them as I’m giving them happiness through a committed relationship in exchange. Lastly, the decision to hand over the money is always at their discretion so there’s no feeling of guilt.

⭐️ Up until now, I was in the same shoes as these geezers, the men I liked would ask for money which I’d happily hand over, but in the end, I would get dumped, over and over. I’d think to myself, if they did things differently, I would have given them more money, wouldn’t resent them as much, and be happier in the end. The ”Itadaki-Joshi” was born out of these personal experiences.

⭐️ The men who have exploited me have always been ungrateful, sayings things like “I don’t care about you” or “I don’t care if you cry” which made me regret giving them the money I had given in the past. This is the reason why I make an effort in making the geezers feel content in giving me their money through happiness.

Nobody needs money


I love you all

Thank you for reading

Forever together

Let’s live our lives to the fullest


Itadaki Joshi Book cute anime character drawing by ririchan for her manual



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