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Ebisu Mamatomo: Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers Exposed

Published July 5, 2024
Last Updated July 9, 2024

Ebisu Mamatomo is a Delivery Health agency operating out of Ebisu. The theme of the shop is that all the girls working are either pregnant or breastfeeding. International punters seeking novelty can rejoice, because they are foreigner friendly, and offer things that no other normal Delivery Health provider can accommodate.

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Ebisu Mamatomo Overview

💡 Where is Ebisu Mamatomo?

Being a Delivery Health provider, Ebisu Mamatomo doesn’t have a shop front for clients to access, but operates out of Ebisu. Since the area is packed and concentrated, getting to a love hotel is hassle free as they are only a stone’s throw away from Ebisu Station.

With Ebisu being an affluent business district, the love hotels in the area can be pricier than other more popular love hotel districts like Shibuya.

💴 How much does Ebisu Mamatomo cost?

Ebisu Mamatomo offers two different courses, the Pregnant Course and the Breastfeeding course. The prices are as follows:

Pregnant Course

40 Minutes¥13,000
60 Minutes¥18,000
75 Minutes¥23,000
90 Minutes¥28,000
120 Minutes¥38,000
15 Minutes Extension¥6,000

Breastfeeding Course

40 Minutes¥15,000
60 Minutes¥22,000
75 Minutes¥27,000
90 Minutes¥32,000
120 Minutes¥42,000
15 Minutes Extension¥6,000

Delivery Fees

  • Ebisu – Free
  • Shibuya, Meguro, Gotanda – Â¥4,000

Membership Fee – Â¥2,000 (Free if you go for 75 minutes or more)
Nomination Fee – Â¥2,000 (Free if you go for 60 minutes or more)

🙆‍♂️ What are the services of Ebisu Mamatomo?

Standard Delivery Health services are offered, such as:

  • Kissing
  • Blowjob
  • Sumata
  • 69
  • Titty Fucking

Additional basic options include:

  • “Breastfeeding Play”
  • “Pregnant Play”
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✍ Ebisu Mamatomo Review

👣 Shop Experience at Ebisu Mamatomo

At the time of this writing, there are only a handful of girls working at Ebisu Mamatomo, with no more than 2 girls working per day. For this reason, it was difficult to make a booking, but after calling approximately 5 times, and shooting a bunch of emails, I was able to make a reservation.

During my chats with the shop, the manager explicitly asked if I spoke Japanese. Ebisu Mamatomo is open to foreigners but a certain level of communication must be done to complete a booking.

When I got that out of the way, the manager told me that I should find a hotel in Ebisu and call them 5 minutes before my appointment time. No confirmation phone call was required.

👄 Breast Milk at Ebisu Mamatomo

Since I didn’t have any particular nomination in mind, the shop sent me Hina, who had arrived in only a matter of minutes after informing them of my hotel name and number. Listed at 26 years of age, it didn’t seem far fetched. Hina has a pretty face, with a small body and boob size enough to fill the hands.

Personality wise, Hina was great to talk to. She is pretty open and made the session enjoyable. After some quick chit chat, Hina helped me undress, hung up my clothes, and we head into the shower, where I got my cock and balls cleaned.

After drying up, we wasted no time in hitting the bed. Being a breastfeeding mother, Hina was quick to spray me down with her milk, showering my cock with all her nutrients. “Want a sip?” she would ask, and I happily agreed. The milk had a perfect texture to it, and to my surprise, was pleasantly sweet. Not too overpowering – good enough to go for seconds.

With my penis drenched in breast milk, Hina would suck my cock, throwing some hand jerks into the mix, while licking my fingers, nipples, and other parts of my body. Things got a little heated, and among all the excitement, I would eventually add a mix of my own milk to our already soaking bodies.

📌 Ebisu Mamatomo Information

🏢 Address

Ebisu Area

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

10AM ~ 6PM

🌐 Official Website


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