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Love Factory Sapporo: Japanese Teen Crucified by Flyjin Cock

Published May 21, 2024
Last Updated July 9, 2024

Love Factory Sapporo is a budget Soapland located in the Red-Light-District of Susukino of Hokkaido that accepts foreigners with no Japanese required. Advertised as having the largest selection of working girls in the region with over 60 registered at the time of writing.

🧼Love Factory Sapporo Overview

💡 Where is Love Factory Sapporo?

The complex that houses Love Factory in Susukino, named Sanyo Building is home to a number of sex shops, two being of the same genre. Diana(CLOSED) on the fourth floor, Hanabi on the fifth which is also foreigner-friendly at a slightly higher price point than Love Factory.

The entrance to access the upper floors is located to the left of the convenience store (7/11) where billboards can be found at the entrance showing the building’s occupants, as pictured.

Inside you’ll find the building to be visibly dated with its tar-stained walls and antique elevators that’ll take you up to the upper levels, Love Factory being located on the third floor.

sapporo soapland love factory

💴 How much does Love Factory Sapporo cost?

Love Factory charge a markup of 20% to foreigners regardless of your Japanese level or residential status. Thus, if you look and act like foreigner you’ll be charged as one.

Paying by credit card will also incur a 10% surcharge to the total bill that can be avoided by preparing cash at the 7/11 on ground level before visiting.

SystemJapanese PriceForeigner PricePrice Difference
First Time Fee¥1,000¥5,000¥4,000
Nomination Fee¥2,000¥2,000None
After 4PM¥1,000¥1,000None

🙆‍♂️ What are the services of Love Factory Sapporo?

The basic services offered are the equivalent of a western style brothel with elements of GFE that include

  • Bathing
  • Nuru Nuru Massage*
  • Kissing
  • Bareback Blowjob
  • Covered Full Service

*Nuru Nuru only offered as part of the basic service depending on the duration of service.

💁‍♂️ What are the optional services available at Love Factory Sapporo?

Optional services that can be added to the basic services at an additional cost include

  • Threesome
  • Lotion Bath ( 5minute Extension Included )
  • Cosplay
  • Bring In Cosplay
  • Clothed Play
  • Micro Bikini
  • G String
  • Stocking
  • Full Body Stocking
sapporo soapland price for foreigners at love factory

✍ Review of Love Factory Sapporo

👣 Visiting Love Factory Sapporo

I wasn’t greeted by the usual “Irasshaimase”(Welcome in Japanese) your ears get accustomed to hearing in Japan. Just hand gestures by the doormen, ushering me through the hallway towards the waiting room at the end of the corridor on arrival.

I sat silently in anticipation zoning out mentally for what was to come. Noticing the “International Guests” poster hanging on the wall during my wait which confirmed all the details I read online about the costs involved.

A new character appeared from the hallway asking who I wanted to book in Japanese.

What girls do you have on offer?”, I replied. Indicating that I hadn’t been attended to since being seated.

An ipad was retrieved and three providers were shown to me as tiny thumbnails that couldn’t be enlarged, only zoomed in with heavy pixelation. Choosing by what I was shown was an impossible task so I opted to go by the youngest, 19 of the three presented.

After confirming my 60-minute session with “Ami” I was given a clipboard with a piece of paper titled “Confirmation Sheet” to be filled with my personal details on the left-hand side in English.

This included Date of Birth, First Name, Nationality and Mobile Number.

The right-hand side printed in Japanese wasn’t required as service customization, where you can ask for certain aspects of the service to be performed to your liking isn’t something that’s offered to foreign customers.

The total charge was ¥29,500, $190USD at the current exchange rate as of May, 2024.

The price was as advertised and there were no hidden charges at Love Factory Sapporo.

The breakdown of the total cost included

  • Session Fee – ¥22,500
  • Nomination Fee – ¥2,000
  • First Time Fee – ¥5,000

After making my payment in cash I was taken to the fifth floor by elevator to a waiting room of another Soapland, Diana’s.

sapporo soapland waiting room at love factory

👄 Ami, 19yo, 163cm, H-Cup of Love Factory Sapporo

Ami didn’t look like the pixelated thumbnail I remembered but that wasn’t the reason why I picked her in the first place. Her advertised age was believable and that’s what I wanted.

She took my arm and we both held hands making our way to the play room. The room was newly renovated with the latest foundations, an all-black interior from the wallpapers to marble tiles.

We both undressed and got to business cleaning each other thoroughly, taking a dip where our bodies made first contact. Her hands softly navigated around my body until she found my genitals to caress. She was still an apprentice in my eyes so I didn’t have any qualms about her technique, which failed to bring life to my flaccid penis.

Playing with a lifeless cock wasn’t pleasurable for both parties, so I gestured to initiate the next phase of the encounter. We both dried ourselves and moved to the bed where I inspected her naked body in full view.

By Japanese standards, she would be overweight. But in my eyes, she was the perfect package with just enough meat in all the right places for a good pounding. We swapped positions and her head went south on queue, just like a pro.

I found her blowjob to be toothy and sloppy, at the same depth and motion you get when brushing your teeth. My vocal roars were together in agony and pleasure, smiling as I looked into her eyes as the human toothbrush morphed into its final form

In missionary, she held my hands down, making sure that I wasn’t going to go raw on her. I started slow and shallow, watching over to see if she was comfortable as I explored her insides out. Increasing in intensity as her natural juices flowed until I was deep inside. The audible moans and facial expressions intensified as I approached orgasm.

I signaled for the finale and finished inside, covered. We both laid together, staring at each other intensely while playfully touching until the intercom rang.

After showering and getting dressed Ami saw me out thanking me for the visit.

foreigner friendly sapporo soapland girl
Ami, 19yo, 163cm, H-Cup of Love Factory

📌 Love Factory Sapporo Information

🏢 Business Address

3F, Sanyo Building, 4-1 Nishi 4-chome, Minami 5-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo City

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

07:30 to 24:00

🌐 Official Website

Love Factory


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