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Foreigners Flocking to Japan’s Red-Light District in Waves

Published July 8, 2024
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Translated article from Shuukan Jitsuwa April 25th publication

With the coronavirus pandemic behind us, the number of foreigners flocking to Japan has been increasing. Among the many sectors capitalizing on the inbound market, the adult entertainment industry, specifically, the Horinouchi Soapland district in Kawasaki is making its moves. Horinouchi is one of the three biggest Soapland districts in Japan, with the foreigner friendly exclusive “G” opening September of last year.  

The website states that not only is the Soapland easy access from Haneda Airport, but you can meet all the girls face-to-face before deciding who to choose in what they call a “walk-in.” A much safer route than choosing the girls based on their pics alone.  

There are also two standout features at GFE Soapland: “Double Dip,” where two cast members service customers one after the other, and “Threesome,” where two cast members serve customers at the same time. Cost for playing at GFE Soapland is surprisingly affordable, starting at 20,000 Yen for 30 minutes. 

Recently many adult entertainment establishments are catering to foreigners, such as Health shops in Osaka and Soaplands in Yoshiwara, evident by English signboards decorating their entrances.  

Other venues, such as “The Soap” in Hokkaido opened last November, offering high end services to foreigners at an additional 5,000 Yen. On the other hand, “Aqua Beyond,” is targeting foreigners by having their price page listed out in English, reading “Japanese customers get a 10,000 Yen discount.” 

In Tobita Shinchi, the area’s biggest brothel district, you can find maps posted all over the city, guiding tourists to currency exchange machines. There are even rumors that another foreigner friendly Soapland is going to launch in Tokyo, so the welcome mats are expected to keep rolling, as the foreigner friendly trend is expected to continue.  



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