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LaLaToo Sapporo: The Only 1 Tranny Show in Hokkaido

Show Club
Published June 12, 2024
Last Updated July 9, 2024

LalaToo Sapporo is a show club located in the Red-Light-District Susukino of Hokkaido with a full cast of transgender performers in various stages of transition.

Show clubs are a popular form of night life entertainment in Japan where patrons of any gender can enjoy theatrical performances with elements of hostessing that involve the performers mingling with guests between shows over drinks at their seated tables in close contact.

The shemale niche of the show club genre are rarity in the country making it a popular tourist destination for domestic and international visitors looking for an “alternative” night life experience when visiting Hokkaido’s largest city, Sapporo.

A must visit for anyone curious about Japan’s transgender scene to see what its all about!

LalaToo is a safe and inclusive space for the transgender community where they can gather, socialize and celebrate diversity. Showcasing their talents to audiences who appreciate and enjoy their performances.

🏳️‍⚧️ LaLaToo Sapporo Overview

💡 Where is LaLaToo Sapporo?

Located on the fifth floor of the Cyber City building, in close proximity to the tram stop of Susukino Station, within a 5 minute walk.

Alternatively you can make your way from the train station of Sapporo to the venue at a distance of around 1.7km/1mile, within 30minutes on foot.

The building is a multi-purpose complex with various businesses of varying genres, mainly consisting of girls bars and restaurants. The elevator to the upper floors are on the left of the entrance to the building.

lalatoo sapporo billboard
Signage found for LaLaToo Sapporo in Cyber City Building, Photo courtesy of @fuzokupedia

💴 How much does LaLaToo Sapporo cost?

There are two payment schemes offered, one for patrons visiting specifically just for the “show” only. The other geared towards patrons wanting to mingle with the performers over a longer duration of time around the show times.

Drinks purchased for performers are charged separately for both plans.

Special Plan (Show Only)

Per Person¥5,000/¥6,000
MiscellaneousTax 10%, Service 10%,

Charge Plan (Mingle)

No limitations on duration of stay with drinks charged separately. “Bottle Keep” possible for patrons wanting to purchase liquor by the bottle and store for future visits if unfinished.

Per Person, Per Set¥4,000
Nominate Performer¥2,000
MiscellaneousTax 10%, Service 10% ~ 15%

Review of LaLaToo Sapporo

👣 Visiting LaLaToo Sapporo

I visited Lalatoo on a weekday night in April at around 10:30PM for the last evening show that was to start at 11PM. The venue was at max capacity on arrival.

The performers of Lalatoo come from a wide range of backgrounds, young to old, state of transition, and ethnic backgrounds with some being half or quarter Japanese.

Patrons are asked to arrive with at least 30-minutes leeway before the show allowing enough time for the performers to mingle with each and every guest seated together.

Performers rotate around and drinks can be purchased for the performers as you get to know them on a personal level with the help of some social lubricant.

This is done between and after the shows until closing that you can opt out of by arriving and leaving between the performances as you wish.

👄 Show Experience at LaLaToo Sapporo

There are two 30-minute shows on every evening starting at 9PM and 11PM at the time of writing.

They consist of highly choreographed dancing, singing, comedy acts and guest interactions which include being invited on stage to be part of the show.

Patrons are permitted to take photographs but aren’t allowed to take any video recordings. These rules are printed on posters displayed around the stage in English and Japanese.

lalatoo sapporo performance photo from google
Show performance at LaLaToo Sapporo, Photo courtesy of @須﨑恭彦

📌 LaLaToo Sapporo Information

🏢 Address

2 Minami 5 Jonishi, Chuo-ku 5F Cyber City Bldg., Sapporo 064-0805 Hokkaido

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

8PM – 1AM

Closed Tuesdays

Reservations can be made over the phone from 6:30PM on the day or up to a month in advance

🌐 Official Website



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