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Loft101 Sapporo: Drunken Rabbits in Hokkaido

Girls Bar
Published June 20, 2024
Last Updated June 28, 2024

Loft101 Sapporo is a bunny themed girls bar located in the Red-Light-District Susukino of Hokkaido. Offering bar girls in sexy bunny outfits for flirtatious conversation over the counter in an “American” style bar.

Bunny themed girls bars in Japan have surged in popularity over the years, post covid. Becoming a stable offering of Japan’s night life scene where girls bars proliferate. Attributed to a clever marketing technique used by business owners with high visibility shop fronts, with passers by given free eye candy of the bunnies costumes, usually at sexually suggestive angles bringing in business of curious onlookers.

bunny girls bar near loft101 sapporo
Bunnies flaunting their junk at Million of Susukino, near Loft101 Sapporo.

🥂 Loft101 Sapporo Overview

💡 Where is Loft101 Sapporo?

Loft101 Sapporo is located within a 1minute walk from the tram stop of Susukino in Sapporo city. Situated on the sixth floor of N Place Building, a multi-purpose complex housing various types of businesses including restaurants, bars, hostess clubs and girls bars on varying levels.

Alternatively you can walk directly there from the main train station of Sapporo at a distance of 1km/0.6miles, within 15minutes on foot.

Outside of Hokkaido, you can find Loft101 dotted across Japan with locations in Tokyo, Yokohama, Kawasaski, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Hakata as of June, 2024.

💴 How much does Loft101 Sapporo cost?

There are two pricing schemes at Loft101 Sapporo, one for local residents, the other for visiting tourists.

For local residents, the costs involved when visiting include

•Basic table charge of ¥2,500 to ¥3,500 per hour depending party size
•Food & Drinks are charged separately
•Service charge of 10% added to the final bill

For visiting tourists, it’s a flat ¥5,000 per hour fee, which includes all you can drink for one hour with tax included in the price.

I would consider this to be fairly reasonable by girls bar standards. Which are notorious for ripping customers off with exorbitant bills. Due to the ambiguous pricing that is common in the industry.

loft101 sapporo price for foreigners
Pricing for foreign tourists as advertised on Loft101’s official English site

Loft101 Sapporo Review

👣 Visiting Loft101 Sapporo

I visited Loft101 Sapporo on a weekday night in April 2024, finding the store by chance in the same building as a hostess club I visited earlier that night.

Inside, the interior has been carefully thought out and designed to resemble an American style diner with its red leather couches and heavy use of stainless-steel fittings.

All the bunnies greeted us in sync with smiles all round, immediately feeling very welcome as we joined other patrons at the bar counter in close proximity.

Once the bunnies were seated, there isn’t much to look at as the elongated bar counter denies any wondering eyes. Only when standing, making drinks and navigating the floor space are the “moments” when patrons can get a good look at the bunny’s gear.

bunnies attending to customers at loft101 sapporo
Bunnies attending to patrons at Loft101. Photo courtesy of @LOFT-wo5df

👄 Girls of Loft101 Sapporo

Asuka was a full-time nurse in her late 20’s who worked as a bunny to supplement her daily income on a regular basis. A Sapporo local who loves to share her knowledge about the city to visitors like myself.

There wasn’t any sexual or flirtatious behavior by both parties, just a casual conversation over drinks, getting to know each other and her hometown.*

*One of the perks for wearing these revealing outfits for the girls of Loft101 are that no contact details are to be exchanged with the customers as a shop policy. A usual requirement at any adult orientated business to drive repeat business. This gives the bar girls a stress-free work environment without the burden of having to build relationships with strangers outside of work, who they have no interest in beyond interacting with them in-store.

📌 Loft101 Sapporo Information

🏢 Address

6F, N-Place Building, 3-1-2, Minami 4 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

Open 8PM Monday ~ Thursday
Open 7PM Friday & Saturday
Closed Sunday

🌐 Official Website



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