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Bar Boo Ginza: International Pussy found from Craigslist

Girls Bar
Published June 18, 2024
Last Updated July 9, 2024

Bar Boo Ginza is an International Girl’s Bar located in the highly affluent area of Ginza, Tokyo. They offer English speaking girls, mostly Caucasian, in their early to late 20’s for “flirtatious” conversation over the counter.

Young foreign girls working in Japan’s night life sector are a rare commodity in 2024 as temporary visa holders aren’t permitted to work in these industries covered by “Businesses Affecting Public Morals Regulation Act“.

Bar Boo Ginza operates itself as a “restaurant”, while doing business as a “Girls Bar” sitting on the fringes of legality. Making it, possibly the only one in the city that dares to do business in this manner.

Desperate girls are recruited off shady ads on Craigslist seeking to fulfil their lifelong ambitions of living in Japan only to find themselves teasing the hearts of Japanese salarymen to survive.

bar boo ginza craiglist ad
Bar Boo Ginza looking for “female staff” in a vague ad posted on Craiglist

Bar Boo Ginza Overview

💡 Where is Bar Boo Ginza?

The shop is tucked away in a dark alleyway, besides the newly developed Granbell Square building that houses the night club Zouk Tokyo on the basement floor.

Signage for the store can be found at street level besides SNAPPER & GROUPER on the corner leading up to the bar, as pictured.

On occasion the bar girls can be found standing on the street corner holding signs to attract clientele on slow days.

The street outside is filled with bars and restaurants patronized by local salarymen and international tourists from the surroundings hotels.

bar boo ginza store billboard
Street Signage for Bar Boo Ginza, Photo courtesy of @fuzokupedia

💴 How much does Bar Boo Ginza cost?

Unlike a regular girl’s bar where you’re charged a fixed hourly rate for the companionship provided. Bar Boo Ginza offers its services with no hourly charge as advertised on their billboards outside.

Companionship is only reciprocated when a drink is bought for the bar girls as you’ll be given the cold shoulder being cheap at Bar Boo Ginza.

Drinks are charged at a premium starting at ¥1,500, all the way to bottled champagne in the 6-digit figures.

Alcoholic Drink¥1,800
Non-Alcoholic Drink¥1,500
Glass Shot¥1,500
Special Drinks¥2,500
Glass of Wine¥2,500
1 Hour Unlimited Drinks¥4,500
Miscellaneous20% Service Charge

Drinks for the bar girls are charged separately from the same menu as the one shown to male customers. The drink of choice when offered is always watered down glass wine with all the bar girls.

All orders are taken and calculated by “hand” with a 20% service charge payable by cash or credit at the end of your stay.

bar boo ginza menu
Drink menu at Bar Boo Ginza, Photo courtesy of @fuzokupedia

✍ Bar Boo Ginza Review

👣 Visiting Bar Boo Ginza

Weekdays are the busiest, filled with mostly Japanese salarymen from the surrounding area. Visiting after work and leaving before midnight to catch the last train home.

The main clientele of Bar Boo Ginza are Japanese men but you’ll find the occasional foreigner who’s stumbled into the store after seeing the signage outside in English.

There are usually between 4 to 6 girls manning the counter on weekday nights and 2 or 3 on Saturday evenings.

Being a business district, the bar focuses on doing most of its sales from Monday to Friday, not Saturday, though open.

👄 Girls of Bar Boo Ginza

Over the years I’ve met girls from across the world, Australia, United Kingdom, Argentina, Spain, Columbia, Mexico to name a few. All highly attractive and living in Tokyo temporarily as students or full-time workers doing this type of work to supplement their incomes.

Many are highly enthusiastic and eager to meet outside to make private arrangements if the chemistry is right.

Bar Boo Ginza Information

🏢 Address

1F, Daiichi Kanai Building, 7-2-20, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

8PM – 4AM

Closed Sundays

🌐 Official Website



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