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Leonas: Revitalizing Testicle Massage

Published June 14, 2024
Last Updated July 9, 2024

Leonas is a massage shop that specializes in massaging the testicles in a technique known as Japkasai. Unlike an AMP where happy endings are to be expected, japkasai is a therapeutic treatment that was developed in Thailand, translating to “squeezing the testicles.”

🧼 Leonas, a Japkasai Massage

💡 About Leonas

The therapy offered at Leonas involves a combination of herbal heat compresses and specific massage techniques aimed at improving blood circulation, reducing stress, and enhancing sexual health and vitality. It is believed to have benefits such as relieving testicular pain, improving fertility, and boosting overall male sexual function.

Japkasai is often offered in specialized massage clinics and is considered a form of holistic treatment that integrates physical and emotional well-being. Leonas operates out of three locations: Ebisu, Ikebukuro, and Nihonbashi.

💴 Pricing at Leonas

60 Minutes (First Timers Only)¥19,000
90 Minutes (Ikebukuro Only)¥25,000
120 Minutes¥29,000
150 Minutes¥35,000
180 Minutes¥41,000

🙆‍♂️ Services at Leonas

  • Foot Bath
  • Abs Massage
  • Japkasai
  • Shoulder/Back Massage

💁‍♂️ Optional Services at Leonas

Aroma Treatment¥5,000
Dry Head Spa¥2,000
Hand Massage¥2,000
Late Night Fee (After 10 PM)¥500/30 Minutes
Extension¥7,000/30 Minutes

✍ Leonas Review

👣 Visiting Leonas

Leonas is full of friendly staff, and while they do not have an English menu, foreigners are welcome.

To make a booking, I contacted them via LINE and stated the day and time I wanted to get service. As there is no phone number to dial, this is the only way to get an appointment other than booking through their online form. Being the afternoon, the staff was really quick to respond.

Since there are only a handful of therapists at Leonas, bookings can fill up rather quickly, so I took the earliest time they had available. When everything was decided, I was sent a confirmation message that got the ball rolling.

As Leonas operates out of a residential apartment, the address is not publicly available on their website, so they will send you the information when the booking is settled. With that, I also got some useful directions and headed to the place indicated.

The actual place isn’t far off from Ikebukuro’s west exit, and after a 5 minutes’ walk, I found myself at the entrance of the building complex. The apartment is relatively modern and high class, with a camera security system, so I had to punch in the room number on the keypad and got buzzed in.

Once inside the room, my therapist sat me down, went over what to expect, and had me sign a form. The form was pretty straight forward, asking basic questions about myself, if there are any specific needs I have, and that I understood their policy.

After being given some tea, I was asked to change into their clothes, specifically asked not to bother too much with the drawstring on the trousers. The reason being that my therapist would have to pull off my pants during the session.

👄Experience at Leonas

My therapist was Moe. She sported short black hair, with a pretty normal figure. That normal figure transitioned into her personality as well, as she is neither shy, nor the outgoing type – somewhere in the middle.

To start off my session at Leonas, I got a warm footbath, getting my feet cleaned in a basin and getting it dried off on Moe’s lap. When we transitioned to the floor mat, Moe started on my lower back since that is where I mentioned most of my fatigue was coming from in the questionnaire I filled out prior. She started off by grinding her fingers up the left side of my spine, then following it by going down the right side. Next, Moe did the rolling forearm technique, before ending the back massage with a full open palm technique.

When I was asked to roll face up, Moe got in a seiza position, and rested my legs on her lap. Slowly lifting my shirt up, she began using a special heat compress around my abdomen. This was followed up with her pressing on some pressure points gently, yet firmly.

From the seiza position, Moe then sat with opened legs, again, resting my legs on top of hers. Making sure the towel didn’t expose my genitals, Moe took off my pants, put on some gloves, and started the Japkasai ball massaging.

In order to prevent any friction from the gloves, Moe used powder when caressing my scrotum. The Japkasai consisted of a repetition of: ball pulling, ball grabbing, ball pressing, ball kneading, and nether region massaging. This can sound daunting for first timers, but Moe was rather gentle so their was no real pain worth mentioning. Before moving to the final part of the session, Moe gently put her heels against my ball sack, held my hands, and stretched out for a final ball stretch.

To end the session, I got a back/shoulder massage that you can find at any standard massage parlor. With the session ending, Moe said that when people receive Japkasai, people can see results within the same night. This can include better urinations, enhanced sexual performance, and bigger money shots.

📌 Leonas Information

🏢 Address

Will be sent when booking is confirmed.

📞 Phone Number

No phone number.

🕑 Business Hours

11:00 AM to Midnight

🌐 Official Website


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