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Akiba Biryo: Unexpected Happy Ending

Published June 10, 2024
Last Updated June 27, 2024

Akiba Biryo doesn’t openly advertise as an AMP but is effectively no different than one. The place is run by Chinese nationals using Japanese names, with the location, website, and any form of advertising giving zero hints that non-Japanese Asians are running the show until you enter. 

🧼 Akiba Biryo, an Akihabara AMP 

💡 About Akiba Biryo

On the surface, Akiba Biryo offers a massage that is guaranteed to help you rejuvenate and relax. While this is accurate, sessions transition into a traditional AMP rather quickly. When the masseuse and the client find the right timing, the offering of a happy ending will be brought up eventually. 

💴Pricing at Akiba Biryo 

The prices are as advertised, with no additional fees for foreigners.  

System Price 
90mins ¥9,000 
100mins ¥10,000 
130mins ¥12,000 
30min Extension ¥4,000 

🙆‍♂️ Services at Akiba Biryo 

  • Oil Massage 
  • Aroma Oil Massage 
  • Powder Massage 
  • Kanpo Massage 
  • Ear Cleaning 

Upon entering, you will be presented with another menu that offers body washing. The price starts from ¥10,000 for 60 minutes. 

✍ Akiba Biryo Review

👣 Visiting Akiba Biryo 

I was in Akihabara on the weekend looking for a normal massage to rejuvenate my aching body. Being the weekend and in a prime location, a few of the places I swung by were booked out for the next few hours. With nowhere else to head, I found myself in front of Akiba Biryo. 

The area is a “clean” location, with very few troublemakers and shady dealers, so I headed into the building thinking I was going to get a legitimate massage.  

Once I rang the doorbell and the lady opened the door, I was greeted by an Asian that was clearly not Japanese – both in appearance and non-Japanese accent. I then sat around the cash register and was presented with a menu that was slightly different than the website.  

There were only two options, the massage course or the shower course. The lady would recommend the shower course because I would feel “good.” This foreshadowed what was to come, but I ended up choosing the cheapest option, a 60-minute course that would cost ¥7,000. 

A massage with a happy ending, right in Akihabara

👄 Girl Experience 

My masseuse, Yuki, was a bit older – late thirties or early forties. There was nothing striking about her appearance – a normal figure with skin that matched the number of years she walked this earth.  

She then guided me to the immediate next room that had a massage table and was separated by nothing more than a curtain. I was then asked to undress, was given disposable underwear and towel, and then guided to the shower room. Before rinsing, I was given a pouch to put my personal belongings in, such as my phone and wallet, and brought it into the shower. 

The whole room looks like a private residence, with the shower being no different. I then rinsed off, using Dove soap that they had on standby. 

When that was done, Yuki was waiting for me outside of the shower room to make our way back to the massage table. Lying face down, I was asked if I wanted oil or powder. With loud Chinese music blasting in the background, it was hard to hear, but I went with oil. 

From here, the massage was standard. Yuki would ask me here and there if the pressure she was applying was too much, but I found it to be in the normal range. She got my back, shoulder, and legs. 

I then flipped over to where she provided a pillow so I could rest my head. It was at this point where things quickly started to get raunchy. Yuki would bump her legs into my hands that happened to be dangling on the sides of the table. Her hands would then get extremely close to my genital area, inducing an erection. 

When my member was erect, she grabbed my hand and rested it on my penis. A sign that she was respecting boundaries yet implying that I may have had some urges. 

She then followed it up by giving me a hand job gesture and asking if I wanted to do it for an extra ¥3,000.  

I agreed. 

Yuki then choked the chicken with a high velocity, while throwing my hands on her chest. I then slipped my hands into her clothes, feeling the sweat on her body. The nipple licking, body touching, and hand jerking would eventually lead me to the promised land.  

After showering, Yuki guided me to the door, and thanked me for the visit.  

📌 Akiba Biryo Info

🏢 Address 

7F Esupowaru Building, 3-16-14 , Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Esupowāru 

📞 Phone Number 


🕑 Business Hours 

12:00 – 11:00 PM 

🌐 Official Website 

Akiba Biryo 

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