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JIS Sapporo: 0% Luck Trying Tinder in Real Life

Published June 11, 2024
Last Updated June 27, 2024

JIS Sapporo is a luxury themed social lounge bar in the Aisekiya genre of the Japanese adult entertainment industry. Offering assisted matchmaking in a safe and controlled environment where you can meet like-minded individuals of the opposite sex.

Founded in 2011 with its first location in Sapporo, Hokkaido, the company has since expanded across the country and internationally in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as of 2020.

The term JIS is an abbreviation for the Japanese term “Jinseini Irodowiro Soeru”, in English this translates to “Adding color to my life”.

👩‍❤️‍👨 JIS Sapporo Overview

💡 Where is JIS Sapporo?

Located on the far corner of the Red-Light-District of Susukino. JIS Sapporo can be found in the basement of the Asil building, originally built as a hotel in the early 2000’s, now occupied by a wide variety of businesses on all floors, mostly consisting of restaurants as of 2024.

jis sapporo entrance at asil sapporo building

💴 How much does JIS Sapporo cost?

Male patrons are charged by

  • ¥550 for admission visiting with a friend or group (¥1,100 for solo visitors)
  • ¥220 per 10 mins during your stay at the venue
  • ¥440 per 10 mins when matched with someone of the opposite sex
  • Food & beverages charged separately

Prices differ by branch, day, and time of visit with VIP plans offered that includes perks such as expediated matching and a representative being assigned to you exclusively.

Female patrons are offered free admission at all locations with all you can drink included.

🙆‍♂️ What are the services of JIS Sapporo?

JIS offers assisted matchmaking services where you can meet like-minded individuals of the opposite sex in a safe and controlled environment.

Female patrons are incentivized to visit with free admission and drinks while seated with male patrons for a certain period of time until moved around the venue at the establishment’s discretion.

Review of JIS Sapporo

👣 Visiting JIS Sapporo

I visited the Sapporo branch with friend on a weekday night in April to find the venue full, with lines out the door for both sexes.

A staff member took down our details, verifying our ID’s and preferences for our desired matchups. We were seated outside with other patrons waiting to enter for around 10 minutes before being ushered in.

My initial observation inside and outside of the venue were young, college aged pupils in their early 20’s. An all-Japanese crowd with no foreigners in-sight.

The venue is large with an assortment of seating arrangements, depending on your party size. From large sofas to single seat stools at the bar counter.

iPads are used to order food and drinks electronically when seated with no multi-lingual menu offered, thus Japanese fluency to a certain degree is required.

👄 Encounters at JIS Sapporo

The first party to be seated with us were two locals from Sapporo in their early 20’s. A college student and hair dresser, both looking for a serious relationship.

There wasn’t much chemistry from the start, and both girls headed to the toilet together for a substantial amount of time, returning with their hair “curled”, which they said was the reason for the delay.

After confirming with staff later on, we were told that they had requested to be rotated to another table during this time.

No contact details were exchanged on return and we were introduced to another party promptly after.

The second encounter were again, two friends, one in their mid-30’s, the other late 20’s. Both working professionals who frequent the establishment on a regular basis, this being the fifth. There wasn’t much chemistry here also and no contact details were exchanged.

We all decided to leave together as we had other places to be by midnight and made our way out.

Like any chance encounter in life, you have to be at the right place, at the right time.

If dating apps haven’t work for you in the past, consider visiting JIS Sapporo to see what’s on offer locally.

picking up girls at jis sapporo
Typical Encounter at JIS Sapporo. Photo courtesy of @jisbranding3523

📌 JIS Sapporo Information

🏢 Business Address

B1F, ASIL Sapporo, 5-13-1, Minami 5 5 Jonishi, Chuo-Ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido

📞 Phone Number


🕑 Business Hours

7PM ~ 6AM

🌐 Official Website

JIS Sapporo


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