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Official Delivery Health Guide for Japan’s Escorts 2024

Published May 30, 2024
Last Updated July 8, 2024

Delivery health is an outcall escort service in Japan that offers a wide array of sexual services short of guaranteed full-service sex.

Sex is commonly offered by escorts behind closed doors as a private arrangement outside the scope of the promised services guaranteed by the agency.

Delivery Health is the most prolific and wide-spread of all the paid sex genres in the available in Japan, with the highest number of registered businesses surpassing 8,000+ as of May, 2024.

💡What is Delivery Health?

A call girl service available in Japan where escorts can be booked and met in an outcall setting in places such as

  • Regular Hotels
  • Love Hotels
  • Private Residence or Airbnb

These services can be ordered at any time of the day and are the closest thing to a western style escort service in Japan that you would find in any other major city across the world.

🙆‍♂️What services are offered at a Delivery Health?

Basic services provided at a Delivery Health

The basic service* include:

  • Kissing
  • Fingering
  • Hand job
  • Blowjob
  • Ball Licking
  • Titty Fuck
  • Body Licking
  • 69
  • Sumata

*Variations in service differ by agency and duration of service. Full-service sex is never included “officially”, though commonly offered by escorts with or without tipping in person.

Optional services offered at a Delivery Health

Optional Services commonly offered are:

  • Sex Toys
  • Cosplay
  • Rim Job
  • Instant Blowjob
  • Facial
  • Swallowing
  • Shaving
  • Face Sitting
  • Holy Water
  • Masturbation Appreciation
  • Take Home Panty
  • Prostate Massage
  • Anal Sex
  • Photography / Movie Recording

What is Sumata?

A non-penetrative sexual service that involves the female and male genitals being rubbed against each other, usually with lubricant. Commonly known as “Dry Humping” in English.

💴 How much does a Delivery Health cost?

At minimum you’ll have to consider the following costs when making an appointment

  • Service Fee – The duration of the service and any other associated fees that may be added that include:
    • Optional Services*
    • Nomination Fee*
    • Membership Fee*
    • Change or Cancellation Fee*
  • Delivery Fee
  • Love Hotel – Not required if you are using your own hotel or private accommodation.
Cost BreakdownService Fee + Delivery Fee + Love Hotel
Service Fee¥10,000 ~ ¥50,000YEN+
Delivery Fee*¥0 ~ ¥10,000YEN+
Love Hotel*¥0 ~ ¥15,000YEN
*if applicable

Price discrimination for foreigners

Markups for foreigners is rampant in the industry, especially if the agency of choice services both locales and foreigners. The additional costs may be disguised in the total price or openly advertised as an additional fee.

Tip: A quick Google search of the agencies photos or business name will yield results in finding any price difference.

What are the differences in Delivery Health?

The main differences between the Delivery Health agencies can be defined by

  • The concept of the agency and quality of providers offered
  • The customer service you will receive by staff, in native or translated English, possibly all in Japanese
  • Price discrimination based on ethnicity and Japanese level

Foreigner-friendly delivery health services come in all pricing tiers with a wide array of options available in the country. The convenience of using a foreigner orientated service will always come with a premium over services that only tolerate foreigners who can communicate in Japanese at a satisfactory level.

Low Tier Delivery Health


  • Low price point
  • Lack of procedures to prevent STD’s
  • Questionable customer service
  • No quality control over escorts

Escorts of Gekiyasuten

The low price point doesn’t attract the best of the industry, though on occasion you will find young teenagers who don’t know their own worth starting off at a Gekiyasuten in their careers.

Pros & Cons of Gekiyasuten

Budget FriendlySTD
For “Pussy Has No Face Mentality” UsersLow Quality Escorts
Jackpot Encounters PossibleBad Service
Bragging RightsWaste of Money

Mid Tier Delivery Health


  • Medium price point
  • Procedures in place to prevent STD’s
  • Satisfactory Customer Service
  • Quality control over offered Escorts

Escorts of Taishūten

This is the standard starting grounds for prostitutes in this genre. There is no guarantee in the quality and level of providers unless they are well reviewed due to the high turnover rates in this tier.

Pros & Cons of Taishūten

Largest Variety in EscortsPrice Discrimination
Largest Variety in Agency ConceptsService & Price Don’t Match
Girl Next Door EncountersOverworked Escorts
English ServiceNo GFE

High Tier Delivery Health


  • High price point
  • World-class Agency
  • Bespoke customer service
  • Quality over quantity in offered escorts

Escorts of Kōkyūten

The highest caliber escorts in Japan who could easily work independently though illegal. The stringent hiring process of agencies in this tier will guarantee you an unforgettable encounter.

Pros & Cons of Kōkyūten

Quality EscortsPricey
High Level GFEGeneric Agency Concepts
Travel CompanionsLess Variety in Escorts
Native English ServiceAddictive Encounters

What kind of escorts can I meet at a Delivery Health?

Being the most popular paid sex genre of Japan, this attracts the highest number of prostitutes in the country enticed by the high earning potential working as a call girl.

The vast array of providers on the market may be considered the best in the world. From young to old, first-time amateurs to globetrotting professional escorts.

They can be categorized loosely by pricing tiers and agency concepts.

By Price

Gekiyasuten – Budget delivery health services at rock bottom prices.

Taishūten – Standard delivery health services marketed to the masses.

Kōkyūten – High class delivery health service that focuses on quality over quantity.

By Concept

FetishFocus erotic niches that are considered taboo or unusual to the masses
AmateursNew or inexperienced providers usually in their teens to early 20’s  
CosplayFocus on costumes used to satisfy sexual fantasies of the customer  
AV StarPornstars  
ForeignersNon-Asian foreigners, mostly Caucasians originating from Eastern Europe  
KoreanProviders originating from South Korea  
AsianProviders originating from South East Asia  
Large BreastsBusty providers  
Small BreastsFlat providers  
Married WomenCheating housewives  
Mature WomenMilfs  
ChubbyOverweight providers  
GyaruFollowers of a fashion subculture popular in the early 2000’s, known for their extravagant look and lifestyles.  
BishōjoBeautiful Girls  
SlutSadism Providers  
SlaveMasochist Providers  
Older SisterProviders pushing 30 and above but not old enough to be a Milf
Little SisterJail bait looking providers considered “Lolita”
ShemaleTransgender providers  
PregnantSpecializes in pregnant or lactating providers.  

What to expect booking a Delivery Health?

Once your chosen escort arrives in your room, confirm the ordered services and make the payment accordingly.

*She will contact the agency, reporting the amount received and the allocated time paid for will start at this point.
*Each agency will have different procedures in place and may have the driver or staff member accompany the provider instead to your room

The provider will wash your body and herself preparing for bed service. At this point you can engage in playful touch, channeling your sexual energy for the next part of service.

Bed Service
The basic services will be performed by the escort for the allocated time paid for and repeated if time allows.

Final Shower
Once you’ve taken your shot(s) or the allocated time comes near you will be invited back into the shower room for the same showering process you had initially with your provider.

👣First time booking a Delivery Health

Provider & Agency

The most time-consuming and tedious task of all with the endless choices you have.

Consider these factors when making your choice:

  • Reputation of the agency & escort
  • Compare prices with similar agencies if there are any
  • Analyze the escorts online presence through blog posts and SNS channels
  • Compare photos that are advertised by the agency and ones that the escort posts
  • Use your own judgement when reading any review online, good or bad

Booking Process

Most reputable agencies will have one or all these methods being implemented for their preferred contact method.

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Browser Chat
  • Chat Application

The best method is through a chat application on your smartphone as this is usually the quickest and most responsive outlet that staff prefer when communicating with potential clients.

Outcall to Regular Hotel

Are you staying in a guest friendly hotel?

Before making any arrangements, check that the hotel you are staying at is guest friendly as bringing people into your hotel room may incur an additional charge or isn’t allowed all together. This is only encountered at budget hotels where the room is specifically for “one” guest only.

Do you need a key card to operate the elevators?

Key card access, if required will have to be arranged in advance by designating a meeting location, e.g Infront of the elevator, lobby or somewhere more discreet as you wish.

If privacy is an issue ask the hotel staff if they can prepare a spare key that the escort can retrieve and use on her arrival from the front desk while you wait in your room.

Booking to Meet

At the time of the booking the agency will require the following details from you to finalize the appointment.

  • Full Name
  • Room Number
  • Location

For a smooth rendezvous, let the agency know what you’ll be wearing at the time so they can notify the provider on your appearance / ethnicity on her arrival.

After the provider enters your room successfully, confirm the services ordered and make the payment in full.

Outcall to Love Hotel

Which love hotel will you use?

Familiarize yourself with the love hotels around you and decide on which “area” you will using the services at.

Are you ready to book?

Contact the store and let them know you are looking for a girl in the chosen area you’ve decided on.

Confirm your appointment at this point.

Booking to Meet

Once you’ve got the booking over and done with it’s time to find a love hotel. After checking in, notify them of your room number and location.

On the escorts arrival, confirm the services ordered and make the payment in full.

Outcall to Private Residence / Airbnb

Is this address you have correct?

Before sending out your address to the agency, double check with google maps that it shows up correctly pointing to your location.

Check the address through post you’ve received or contact the landlord on Airbnb if you have any doubts.

Do you have the building name ready?

Except for freestanding homes there will always be a building name in Japan.

If you don’t have the building name, go outside and take a look as it will be written somewhere facing the street.

Take a photo and send it to the agency if required.

Do you have enough amenities for a female guest?

In cases where the agency or provider forgets to bring their own amenities and towels. A backup set, you’ve prepared should be used.

Booking to Meet

With the correct address contact the agency and make your appointment.

On her arrival, confirm the services ordered and make the payment in full.

How long should I book a Delivery Health for?

For first time appointments with new providers, go for the shortest course possible and extend your session from there.

Booking a long course with a provider that you don’t vibe with is a recipe for disaster.

Phrases you need to know when booking a Delivery Health

Light French KissキスKisu
Deep French KissディープキスDīpukisu
Titty FuckパイズリPaizuri
Body Licking全身リップZenshin Rippu
Footjob足コキAshi koki
Handjob手コキTe koki
Instant Blowjob即尺Soku shaku
Rimjobアナル舐めAnaru name
No PantsノーパンNō pan
No BraノーブラNō bura
Masterbation Appreciationオナニー鑑賞Onanī kanshō
Take Home Pantyパンティ持ち帰りPanti mochikaeri
Movie Recording動画撮影 Dōga satsuei
Facesitting顔面騎乗Ganmen kijō
Face FuckイラマチオIramachio
Ball Licking玉舐めTama Name
Rimmingアナル舐めAnaru Name
Covered BlowjobゴムフェラGomu Fera
Bareback Blowjob生フェラNama Fera
Holy Water聖水Seisui
Cum in Mouth口内発射Kōnai Hassha
Cum on Face顔射Gansha
Threesome3P二輪車Surīīpīī Nirinsha
Reverse Threesome逆3PGyaku Surīīpīī
Pussy Job素股Sumata
Anal SexアナルファックAnarufakku
Prostatic Massage前立腺マッサージZenritsusen massāji

Delivery Health Paraphernalia

Commonly offered as part of the “Optional Services” include:

Wireless Rotor – Wireless sex toy inserted into the vagina. Offered at agencies with a “Rendezvous” option for fun outside.

Pink Rotor – Remote-control sex toy that vibrates, usually used to stimulate the clitoris or nipple of the escort

Vibrator – Vibrating dildo used for stimulating the clitoris and vagina

Denma – Massage tool used to stimulate a large surface area around the clitoris

Womanizer – German sex toy that stimulates the clitoris and G spot at the same time

🔎What are the best Delivery Health in Japan?

Delivery Health near Tokyo

List coming soon

Delivery Health near Osaka & Kyoto

List coming soon

Delivery Health in Japan

List coming soon


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