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Okinawa Sex Guide

Published May 8, 2024
Last Updated July 4, 2024

🧼What are Okinawa Soaplands 

Okinawa stands out as a top destination for travelers seeking a mix of natural beauty, rich history dating back to the Ryukyu Kingdom era, and a unique cultural vibe that sets it apart from the rest of Japan. In the heart of Okinawa, Naha City pulsates with life, offering a diverse range of entertainment options after dark. Among them, Okinawa Soaplands flourish, with around 40 of these brothels catering to various budgets and tastes.  

What’s more, Okinawa’s relatively affordable prices make it an attractive choice, especially when considering the additional expenses of transportation.  

While Okinawa is often associated with family vacations or romantic getaways, those seeking adult fun will find ample opportunities to enjoy the vibrant nightlife.  

  • You can find sex establishments known as “Tokuyoku” 
  • Many cast members come from outside Okinawa, not just those who are locally born 


At the forefront of Okinawa’s red-light districts stands Tsujimachi. Situated west of Naha City’s Kokusai Dori, Tsujimachi hosts a variety of adult entertainment establishments, including Okinawan Soaplands that rival other premium districts like Yoshiwara. 

Walking Around Tsujimachi 

Although there are plenty of Soaplands, you won’t encounter many touts, so walking past the storefronts doesn’t induce much embarrassment. Unlike places like Yoshiwara in Tokyo, where touts are prevalent, Tsujimachi adopted a policy of not actively employing them. 

🌎Are Foreigners Welcome at Okinawa Soaplands? 

Being a US Airbase, Okinawa is more welcoming to foreigners than Japan’s main island. You can find an abundance of steakhouses, remnants of US military occupation, where locals obtained permission to cater specifically to American clients. At present, there are three Okinawan Delivery Healths with a full English menu and over 20 Soaplands open to foreigners.  

Every Okinawa Soapland that accepts foreigners charge a gaijin tax that can be over double the base price. 

👧🏻What Kind of Girls Work at Okinawa Soaplands?

Since many people come to Okinawa for a short stay; the resort suites and breathtaking scenery attract women not only from the local area, but also from Japan’s mainland and neighboring Asian countries. 

At some establishments, the ratio of local to non-local women can be 50-50 to as high as 80-20 in favor of non-locals. Other contributing factors include many homebred women not wanting to show their face at these establishments in such a small area. 

A result of these short-term companions, is many of them aren’t bound to work in Okinawa for long, so there is no incentive for them to provide quality service and attract repeat customers, as they are only looking for quick cash before heading back home. 

If you are looking to enjoy your time with someone that actually lives in Okinawa, it is important to relay that to the staff. 

🛁What Can I Expect at Okinawa Soaplands?


A standout feature of Okinawa is the presence of Tokuyoku. This is a term used in Kyushu, Okinawa included, and evolved from regulated Soaplands into health establishments, offering “body wash play” and a proper bathtub.  

Some of these places are also equipped with mats, making the interior not much different from a regular Soapland. 

Difference Between Tokuyoku and Soaplands 

Since Tokuyoku technically falls under the health category, the core difference between this and Soaplands is the basic services. At Tokuyoku, expect everything you would from a Fashion Health where FS is off the menu. 

Difference Between Tokuyoku and Health

One main difference is Tokuyoku rooms are generally bigger than Fashion Healths, so they come equipped with proper bathing facilities. Fashion Health on the other hand have only small shower stands, many of them in a shared area used on a rotational basis. 

Tokuyoku also often offers mat play, whereas among all the healths in the nation, only about 40 of them are “mat health.” If you are seeking a nuru nuru massage, Tokuyoku proportionally has more opportunities than a health establishment. 

💴How Much Are Okinawa Soaplands? 

Foreigner Friendly Soaplands in Okinawa 

Shop Name Price Gaijin Tax 
Infinity Okinawa 60 Minutes / 30,000 Yen 8,000 Yen 
Amazing 60 Minutes / 40,000 Yen 20,000 Yen 
Bad Girls 70 Minutes / 50,000 Yen 28,000 Yen 
Club Hunter 40 Minutes / 20,000 Yen 5,000 Yen 
Shimamusume 60 Minutes / 40,000 Yen 20,000 Yen 
Happy Smile 60 Minutes / 26,000 Yen 5,000 Yen 
Area Kawaii 60 Minutes / 54,000 Yen 29,000 Yen -10mins 
Kawaii Paradise 40 Minutes / 20,000 Yen 5,000 Yen 
Club Chura 60 Minutes / 56,000 Yen 28,000 Yen 
NEO KOUTEI BEKKAN 60 Minutes / 54,000 Yen 24,000 Yen 
MARIN SPA Natural 60 Minutes / 50,000 Yen 25,000 Yen 
Naminoue Sougou Nukinic 60 Minutes / 30,000 Yen 12,000 Yen +10mins 
New Excellent Club 90 Minutes / 46,000 Yen 19,000 Yen 
Okinawa Hitozuma Hakusho 80 Minutes / 28,999 Yen 5,000 Yen 
Aris 50 Minutes / 40,000 Yen 17,000 Yen 
Annex Japan Hentai 60 Minutes / 30,000 Yen 7,000 Yen 
Proportion Okinawa 60 Minutes / 31,000 Yen 10,000 Yen 
Nurse Jo Gakuen 60 Minutes / 26,000 Yen 5,000 Yen 
Naminoue Jogakuin 60 Minutes / 29,000 Yen 7,000 Yen 
Hakucho No Mizuumi 50 Minutes / 32,000 Yen 16,000 Yen 
Royal Club 70 Minutes / 46,000 Yen 23,000 Yen 
Tsuji Opera 50 Minutes / 34,000 Yen 17,000 Yen 

*Okinawa Soaplands often post the full price on their website 
**We called every Soapland in Okinawa. Prices and foreigner tolerant policy were grossly inaccurate

🗺️Okinawa Soapland Map 

👣How Do I Get to Okinawa Soaplands 

The closest station to Tsujimachi and all the Okinawa Soaplands is Asahibashi Station. 


You can get to Asahibashi Station from Naha Airport Station in about 12 minutes. It costs 270 Yen and comes by every 10 minutes. 


For 1000 Yen, you can get to Tsujimachi by taxi in under 10 minutes from Naha Airport. For 600 Yen you can get there from Asahibashi Station in 6 minutes. 


It’ll take approximately 20 minutes to get to Tsujimachi from Asahibashi Station on foot. 

🌴What Else Can I Do in Okinawa? 

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🏩Mind-blowing Hotels

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