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Kyoto Sex Guide

Published May 10, 2024
Last Updated July 4, 2024

🧼What are Kyoto Escorts?

Kyoto Escorts

Due to stringent ordinances, Kyoto can be considered one of the most difficult areas in the country to open an adult entertainment venue. As a result, you will see a relatively high proportion of Kyoto escorts around Gion. The number of establishments are adequate, and the variety of girls accommodates various preferences, including large breasts and foreign women.  

Being heavy on Delivery Health, Kyoto has enough love hotels to accommodate those looking for Kyoto escorts. If you are looking to take things all the way at a Soapland, your only choice would be venturing to Ogoto which isn’t convenient access.

Ogoto Soaplands 

You won’t find any Soaplands in Kyoto. For Soaplands, you will have to do some travelling out to Ogoto in the neighboring Shiga Prefecture. 

Ogoto is one of the bigger Soapland districts in Japan, housing one of the top 3 Soaplands in the nation. With many Soaplands in Ogoto, it is like a playground for adults. Different themed establishments line the streets, from various cosplay genres to the popular hanabira kaiten. 

Soaplands like Four Nine pride themselves on their services, and as such, have strict rules even for their clients. For example, they do not accept clients under the age of 30. Showing up in a suit is also a requirement. If you swing by with a hood and a pair of crocs, you will be denied entry. 

Despite Ogoto being home to many top tier Soaplands, getting to Ogoto can be difficult. 

Adult Entertainment

Kyoto doesn’t have a whole lot of adult entertainment establishments with a storefront due to regulations. You will you see many neon-lit streets like you would find in other urban cities either. However, you may find some health shops tucked away between Kamo River and Kyoto Kawaramachi Station.  

Ishigaki Street and Kiyamachi Street are more concentrated and lined with restaurants and bars making for a lively area for young people to gather. The health shops and sekkukyaba are discreet, with some of them hiding inside ordinary buildings with small signs. If you weren’t exactly looking, you’ll never notice it’s there. Therefore, it is recommended to have a shop in mind before you decide to head off.

Unlike Shinjuku, be prepared to walk if you plan to go hopping from venue to venue, as these places can be scattered. 

🌎Are Foreigners Welcome in Kyoto? 

Historically being one of the most foreigner unfriendly places in Japan, Kyoto escorts have quickly become tolerant of foreigners overnight, due to the changing market landscape and booming tourism. There are approximately 20 Kyoto escort agencies advertising to foreigners, in addition to about 10 Ogoto Soaplands welcoming overseas tourists.

Due to the Kyoto escort business constantly changing, expect consistent shifts in foreigner friendly policy and prices.

👧🏻What Kind of Girls Work as Kyoto Escorts? 

There are a variety of girls working as Kyoto escorts. Aside from the locals, encountering a girl from Osaka isn’t out of the question, since they don’t want to be caught walking around their hometown doing sex work. Kyoto is an easy place for these girls to access yet maintain a distance from their hometown and avoid any familiar faces. 

For the largest variety of Kyoto escorts, the go to place is Delivery Health around Gion. With various concepts available including married, chubby, newhalf, and gals, you can freely choose your preferred adult entertainment venue to satisfy your desires. 

💴How Much Do Kyoto Escorts Cost? 

Type Price 
Sekkukyaba 7,000 Yen / 40 Mins 
Fashion Health 10,500 Yen / 30 Mins 
Delivery Health 18,000 Yen / 60 Mins 
Ogoto Soapland 65,000 Yen / 110 Mins 
*Foreigner friendly prices can cost anywhere from 13,000 Yen to 50,000 Yen for 60 minutes
**Last updated June, 2024

🗺️Map of Kyoto Escort Agencies

Accessing Kyoto Kawaramachi Station from Kyoto Station by train can be surprisingly complicated. Take the taxi for 1000 yen and it will only take 10 minutes. 

Brick-and-mortar sex shops are between Nishi Ishigaki Street and Nishi Kiyamachi Street.

🗺️Map of Ogoto Soaplands 

How to Get to Ogoto Soaplands 

From Kyoto Station, you want to head to any of the following three stations.  

Sakamoto Hieizanguchi StationKeihan Ishiyama-Sakamoto Line480 Yen40 MinutesTransferring one time is required from Kyoto Station. Be sure to take the local train.
Hieizan Sakamoto StationJR Kosei Line320 Yen18 MinutesCan get to Hieizan Sakamoto Station from Kyoto Station without transferring.
Ogoto Onsen StationJR Kosei Line320 Yen21MinutesCan get to Ogoto Onsen Station from Kyoto Station without transferring.

Once you arrive at any of these stations, you will either want to take a taxi or use a shuttle service to the Ogoto Soapland district. 

🌴What Else to Do in Kyoto 


Fushimi Inarai Taisha – https://inari.jp/en/ 
Kiyomizu-dera Temple – https://www.kiyomizudera.or.jp/en/ 
Kodai-ji Zen Temple – https://www.kodaiji.com/e_index.html 


Rairaitei – https://www.rairaitei.co.jp/ 
Daiichiasahi – https://www.honke-daiichiasahi.com/ 
Cenci – https://cenci-kyoto.com/ 


Bar Hopseed – https://www.facebook.com/BARHOPSEED/
Jazz in Rokudenashi – http://rokude.com/ 
L’Escamoteur – https://www.facebook.com/people/LEscamoteur/100054534966381/ 


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