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Kanazawa Sex Guide

Published May 7, 2024
Last Updated July 4, 2024

🧼What are Kanazawa Escorts

Red-Light District

Kanazawa was once renowned for its pleasure quarters, yet the enactment of the “Anti-Prostitution Law” in 1956 marked the gradual disappearance of its red-light district. Given the absence of traditional adult entertainment venues, Kanazawa escorts turn to outcalls.

Kanazawa stands out for its stringent regulations on adult entertainment establishments, making it challenging for such brick-and-mortar shops to operate. Hence, the prevalence of Delivery Health services in the region has surged.

In the past, there were a lot of streetwalkers and prostitutes peppering the streets, however, with crackdowns and Kanazawa being strict on the commercial sex scene, even underground operators are on the brink of extinction.  

Ishikawa Soaplands

There are no Kanazawa Soaplands, but within the greater Ishikawa region, you will find some isolated in Katayamazu. The area can be remote, but is known for its onsens. Despite the incoming traffic, there are only a handful of Ishikawa Soaplands, with only one that is open to foreigners at present.

🌎Are Foreigners Welcome to Kanazawa? 

Foreigners are tolerated in Kanazawa’s commercial sex scene. There are almost 20 different delivery health that accept foreigners at varying degrees. This means YMMV, depending on your background and who is working the day you plan to P2P.  

👧🏻What Kind of Girls Work at Kanazawa?

The girls of Kanazawa are beautiful and have been given their own name, “Kanazawa Bijin,” which can be translated to Kanazawa Beauties. Because of the abundance of attractive women in the area, the quality of Kanazawa escorts are high. Moreover, unlike girls working at Okinawa Soaplands, Kanazawa escorts tend to be homegrown.

🛁What Can I Expect at Kanazawa?

Kanazawa Delivery Health 

Kanazawa offers a plethora of stunning girls, most of whom are local. The reason for this is their options to work are limited, so they go flocking to the escorting scene.  

For those who are looking specifically for local Kanazawa girls, Lovin’ Kanazawa boasts the largest amount of homebred women.  

Katayamazu (Soaplands)

Katayamazu is a renowned hot spring resort located in the Kaga City area of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It’s part of the larger Kaga Onsen region, which is famous for its numerous hot springs with therapeutic properties including alkaline waters believed to have skin-beautifying effects. 

Since there are no Soaplands in Kanazawa, you will have to migrate southwest to the Katayamazu area, which can be a one-hour train ride.  

When referring to the Soaplands here, it is known as the Katayamazu area, which can be thought of as a spot within Kaga Onsen similar to Kabukicho in Shinjuku. Using the terms interchangeably will be understood among locals.  

Per research, there are about 7 Soaplands in Ishikawa, only 1 of which is open to foreigners. 

💴How Much Do Kanazawa Escorts Cost? 

The rates for Delivery Health in Kanazawa are relatively budget-friendly, averaging around 15,000 Yen for a 60-minute session. This is a stark contract to bigger metropolitans like Tokyo, where starting fees can be well over 20,000 Yen.  

What’s more, Kanazawa Delivery Health offers a good cost-performance ratio, so if you are super monger, making the trek can be enticing as it won’t break your bank account.  

The added cost for foreign punters can total 25,000 Yen to 45,000 yen for the same service locals would receive. 

If you have your eyes set out on a Soapland, the starting price in Katayamazu will be 40,000 Yen for foreigners.  

🗺️Ishikawa Soapland Map

There are 5 known Soaplands within the Katayamazu region. 

How to Get There

It is an approximate 10 min drive from Kaga Onsen Station to the Soaplands in Katayamazu (Eikoku Soapland). 

Walking from Kaga Onsen Station will take about an hour. 

The Soapland is hard to navigate as it is in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by standalone houses. 

🌴What Else Can I Do in Kanazawa?


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