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Published May 7, 2024
Last Updated July 4, 2024

🧼What are Fukuoka Soaplands?

When talking about Fukuoka Soaplands, Nakasu in Hirakata Ward garners the center of attention. It is popular among locals and visitors, and since it is so big, Nakasu is almost synonymous with the Fukuoka Soapland scene, similar to Susukino in Hokkaido.  

For foreign tourists, here are the numbers: 

Over 50 Soaplands in Nakasu (34 foreigner tolerant
About 30 Soaplands in Kitakyushu (12 foreigner tolerant

Before diving deeper into Fukuoka’s sex scene, here are some key takeaways: 

  • Fukuoka Soaplands are the primary source of adult entertainment 
  • Other genres such as health and tokuyoku are also popular 
  • There are a lot of touts on the street, who can be very aggressive 
  • Many buildings are newly constructed 
  • Fukuoka stands out among the best in customer service 


Nakasu stands as the premier red-light district not only in Fukuoka but also in western Japan. Its prominence is so big that when adult entertainment in Fukuoka is mentioned, Nakasu inevitably comes to mind. 

Nakasu is a small section within the Hakata Ward so using these locations interchangeably when referring to Fukuoka is understandable among locals and seasoned mongers.  

🌎Are Foreigners Welcome at Fukuoka Soaplands? 

Fukuoka is generally very receptive of foreigners and its red-light district has a proportionately high foreigner tolerant policy 

What we mean by foreigner tolerant is that your mileage may vary. This is contingent based on your ethnicity, nationality, level of Japanese, staff working at the time, etc. 

Credit: Esperanza Annex/Kihinshitsu

👧🏻What Kind of Girls Work at Fukuoka Soaplands?

The main reason people from across the country go to Fukuoka is due to the abundance of attractive and charming women. The girls here are characterized by their fair complexion and customer-first mindset.  

They are adept at flattery, likely influenced by their upbringing in a region dotted with commercial sex venues.  

Given Hakata’s high population density and Nakasu’s status as an entertainment hub, women working in adult entertainment harbor concerns about being recognized. Fearing recognition, these women often opt for areas like Kitakyushi over Hakata or Nakasu. Consequently, a significant number of such women naturally gravitate there, resulting in a concentration of exceptionally attractive individuals. 

🛁What Can I Expect at Fukuoka Soaplands?

Fukuoka Soaplands 

Because Nakasu is a thriving entertainment district, it stands out for its abundance of brick-and-mortar establishments rather than escort services like delivery health or hotel health. 

With fierce competition to attract customers, Fukuoka Soaplands strives to offer a wide range of services catering to various preferences, including options like busty, college girl, amateur, teachers, and more! 

Soapland Facilities 

Since the 2000’s, Nakasu has undergone significant development, with numerous newly constructed buildings. This transformation has led to the emergence of lavish and generously sized mid to high range establishments. As a result, many of the budget friendly Soaplands will have a higher price tag. 

As such, it’s advisable to choose a Soapland within your preferred price range. 

🧴What Can I Enjoy Beyond Fukuoka Soaplands?

In addition to Soaplands, Nakasu also boasts health establishments, and Men’s Esutes. Whether you’re traveling or working in Fukuoka and are looking for alternatives to Soaplands, you can do so discreetly at these brick-and-mortar adult entertainment establishments without having to inquire at your hotel’s front desk. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy these services for less than 10,000 yen for a short course, making it convenient to indulge in sexual pleasure during brief breaks in your schedule. 

Handjob services at Onakura’s start from 2,980 yen for 15 minutes. 


Among the various adult entertainment options in Nakasu, there’s a unique category known as “tokuyoku,” or “special bathhouse.”  

These establishments operate like a Fashion Health but with a touch of Soapland pizzazz. There are private rooms with mat play, at more budget-friendly rates compared to Soaplands. 

While the core services are comparable to Fashion Healths, the affordability and quality of service at tokuyoku places are exceptional. Additionally, they offer extremely short sessions, making them highly convenient.  

The term “tokuyoku” originated from “special bathing facilities.” However, to avoid confusion with medical or caregiving contexts, it’s represented in katakana as トクヨク. 

Some Tokuyoku establishments specialize in mat play. Given their similarities, calling them Mat Health and Tokuyoku interchangeably is acceptable. 

Pink Salons in Fukuoka 

Pink salons became wildly popular nationwide for their affordability, especially in Nakasu, where they rivaled Soaplands in popularity. These establishments flooded the district, with over 30 at one point, making Nakasu’s streets crowded with solicitors. 

Pink salons in Fukuoka often resemble Fashion Health establishments, offering private rooms for play, a departure from the traditional sofa-type setup. 

As the popularity of pink salons grew, so did competition, where the lines of what happened in these establishments blurred. The increased scrutiny from authorities led to crackdowns, causing a decline in their numbers and paving the way for malicious operations. 

These malicious establishments exploit customers with low base fees and hidden charges, often reopening under new names to evade authorities. Foreign tourists are particularly vulnerable to their tactics, as they’re easily mistaken for professional staff. 

Despite these challenges, reputable pink salons still exist, identifiable by loyal clientele and longstanding operations. However, caution is advised, especially with newly opened establishments. 

Pink salons in Fukuoka are dwindling, with rates averaging 6,000 to 8,000 yen for a 40-minute session. Due to the difficulty of starting this kind of business, the emergence of reputable pink salons seems unlikely. It’s essential to research and verify establishments before use to avoid potential scams. 

Information Centers 

Pro tip: don’t assume that free information centers always offer the best deals or are there to help you. While some may believe they provide cheaper options compared to direct visits to establishments, the truth is these centers receive referral fees from the venues, resulting in minimal savings. 

For complete beginners, this is what information booths look like.

Pesky Touts 

For newcomers to Japanese adult entertainment or those who have yet to venture into Nakasu, there are a few important points to keep in mind. Even if you have experience in Japan, visiting Nakasu can stand out. 

There are numerous touts roaming the Nakasu area, especially within the vicinity of information booths. Unlike areas such as Kawasaki or Yoshiwara where soliciting customers off the streets is illegal, the red tape in this region isn’t as stringent. 

Touters can be quite persistent with newcomers, and there are many instances where they continue to pursue them even after being declined. Even if you have no intention of partaking in Nakasu’s offerings, never feel obligated to follow them out of politeness. Most of the establishments they lead you to are either scams, or even if they’re not scams, they’re likely establishments with dubious reputations. 

Under no circumstances should you follow the touters. 

💴How Much are Fukuoka Soaplands?

In Nakasu, the Soaplands can range from 10,000 Yen for 30 minutes to well over 100,000 Yen for a 180 minute session. 

Note that these prices reflect what locals pay. We called every Soapland in Fukuoka, many of them with varying degrees of tolerance to foreigners.  

We could list out which Fukuoka Soaplands are foreigner friendly with the gaijin tax included, but what we found is that it was inconsistent. 

YMMV, depending on ethnicity, nationality, level of Japanese, staff working the day, etc. 

Fukuoka Soapland Map

🗺️Fukuoka Soapland Map

Minamishinchi (Nakasu 1-chome) 

The Soaplands in Nakasu are concentrated around the area marked in red, located in Nakasu 1-chome. Locally, it is known as Minamishinchi. 

There are only two Soaplands in Nakasu 2-chome. 

👣How Do I Get to Fukuoka Soaplands?


As of March 2023, the nearest station is Kushida Shrine Station. It takes 2 minutes from Hakata Station to Kushida Shrine Station by train, and costs 210 Yen.  

From Kushida Shrine Station, it is just a 2 minute’s walk west. 


It takes approximately 5 minutes by taxi from Hakata Station to Nakasu at around 1367 Yen. 


Walking to the Soapland district from Hakata Station is a 15 minute’s walk. 

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