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Hiroshima Sex Guide

Published May 8, 2024
Last Updated July 4, 2024

🧼What Are Hiroshima Soaplands?

Hiroshima Soaplands can be one of the best red light districts in Japan. While Nagarekawa and Yagenbori are home to Hiroshima’s sex shops, other high traffic and more popular areas such as Yoshiwara in Tokyo or Tobita Shinchi in Osaka may be an overall better choice. However, if you have time to spare, the uniqueness surrounding Hiroshima should be on the top of your list for places to visit at least once. 

Hiroshima is the largest adult entertainment quarters in Japan’s Chugoku region, rivaling that of Shinjuku, Hokkaido and Fukuoka. Since it is thriving with izakayas, many users find themselves visiting their brick-and-mortar sex establishments. 

  • Hiroshima boasts the largest Soapland district in the Chugoku region 
  • Most of the Soaplands and healths are centered around Hiroshima City

Adult Entertainment

For first time punters to Hiroshima, one notable aspect is the abundance of brick-and-mortar sex establishments, a stark contrast from Kyoto. 

Here, you’ll find a plethora of health clubs alongside a significant number of Hiroshima Soaplands, showcasing the vibrant nature of the adult entertainment scene. In fact, with the inclusion of Delivery Health services, Hiroshima boasts over 300 adult entertainment establishments, providing ample options for newcomers. 

With such a variety of options to choose from, finding a spot should be easy. 

A standout feature among health shops in Hiroshima is that many of them offer mat play, making it nearly identical to a Soapland.  

Hiroshima Soaplands 

Many of Hiroshima’s Soaplands are unique for their payment methods, often utilizing vending machines instead of settling the bill directly with a staff member, similar to what you may find at a ramen shop. 

Another unique aspect about Hiroshima Soaplands is that the doorways to the playrooms are covered by a simple curtain, allowing others to be heard from across the hall. 

Something that stands out among Hiroshima’s adult entertainment landscape is the prevalence of longstanding establishments. Due to their experience, these venues not only offer top-notch service but also boast high-quality personnel.

With knowledgeable staff and well-trained women, you can enjoy Hiroshima’s red light district with confidence and peace of mind. 

🌎Are Foreigners Welcome at Hiroshima Soaplands?

Historically, Hiroshima has not taken too kindly to a foreign look. However, with the recent surge of sex establishments turning 180 degrees and changing their foreigner friendly policy, Hiroshima has joined the bandwagon. Despite there being more establishments that welcome foreigners in Hiroshima than one can count on both hands, it is still proportionally small.

👧🏻What Kind of Girls Work at Hiroshima Soaplands?

With its long-standing history as a red-light district, Hiroshima has groomed its girls to be excellent sex workers.  There are girls that fit all kinds of niches, from the cute type to gyarus and naughty housewives. 

The girls working at these establishments give premium services at affordable prices. With this in mind, you can play without worrying about any hiccups. 

Expect the girls to have a beautiful outer appearance with intimate services that are reminiscent of the GFE.  

🛁What Can I Expect at Hiroshima Soaplands?


The origins of Nagarekawa as an adult entertainment hub date back to the beginning of licensed brothels in Japan. Once bustling with geisha and restaurants, was obliterated by the atomic bombing, it reemerged as a designated red-light district post-war. 

Transitioning into the present after laws curbing prostitution were enacted, Nagarekawa retains traces of its historical licensed quarters. A lot of the venues that you see today are remnants of the past. 

Expect Nagarekawa to rival the scale of major red-light districts like Kabukicho and Fukuoka, boasting over 3,000 restaurants and adult entertainment venues combined. 


Situated on the western side of Nagarekawa, Yagenbori serves as the Soapland district. 

Characterized by a concentration of brick-and-mortar adult entertainment venues, Yagenbori buzzes with daily activity. Following the war, Yagenbori became a designated red-light district, witnessing the proliferation of Turkish baths, predecessors to Soaplands, around the 1950s. 

Adult entertainment establishments are concentrated from Yagikenguchi 5-chome to Yayoi-cho 

💴How Much are Hiroshima Soaplands? 

Type Price 
Kyabakura 5,000 Yen / 60 Mins 
Fashion Health (Mat Health) 13,000 Yen / 40 Mins 
Delivery Health 13,000 Yen / 60 Mins 
Soapland 25,000 Yen / 60 Mins 
*Approximately 10 Soaplands foreigner tolerant

🗺️Hiroshima Soapland Map

👣How Do I Get to Hiroshima Soaplands 

Nagarekawa is a 15-minute walk away from Hiroshima Station. 

It’s common to refer to Yagenbori, Horikawacho, Ginyamachi, and Ebisucho collectively as Nagarekawa. 

One notable feature of Nagarekawa Street is that restaurants and bars stand out more than brick-and-mortar sex establishments. Therefore, when looking for adult entertainment venues, it’s better to walk east along streets like Yagenbori Street or Ginyamachi. 

🌴What Else Can I Do in Hiroshima? 


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